In The Fullness Of Time

Nightmare World

Two years ago, I felt honored to write down a full analysis for the solo […]
By YngwieViking
May 12, 2015
Nightmare World - In The Fullness Of Time album cover

Two years ago, I felt honored to write down a full analysis for the solo project of the talented vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and control freak Mastermind Pete Morten (Lead-guitar player for THRESHOLD) under the eccentric moniker of MY SOLILOQUY: the album "The Interperter" received my complete and absolute approval...The music was adventurous devoted in between Dark Neo-Prog and Elegant Progressive Metal with tons of layers, lots of textures and a vast spectrum of influences, rhythms and flavors exported from potentially every corner of the musical galaxy, with everything: from hyper complex twisted structures full of asymmetrical licks, to basic hypnotic electronic beat, from ultra-powerful vibrating vocalizations, to somber Ambient plage...Today here is the review for another remarkable band that includes Mr Morten in its rank, this time as Lead Vocalist..."In The Fullness Of Time" is the debut album by this British group that was superbly produced by THRESHOLD guitarist Karl Groom (also reputed for his work with EDENBRIDGE or DRAGONFORCE), with mastering duties being handled by Peter Van't Riet. My early expectations were very hard to fulfill but the clever mix of influences were solid and the talented songwriting were conclusive evoking by turns CRIMSON GLORY/QUEENSRYCHE/SIAM or GLENNMORE...Crafted under the same quality design of "The Interpreter" with more density and sharpness!

The English tradition is perfectly celebrated with some first class lyrical Heavy Metal tunes,  a collection of splendid tunes updated by some slightly Progressive twists and many keyboards arranged parts/Vocal Harmonies!

NIGHTMARE WORLD is far from being a nostalgic band, the paramaters are very in concordance with the contemporary Power Metal style, all the tracks are guitar driven taking some straight riffage "Burden of Proof" or "Euphoria" are recalling the Germanic scene and the Euro-Metal mode, yet not afraid to reveal its darkest side with the obscure melodic choir of "Defiance"...But also some creative elements from the US Metal and the Scandinavian ambitious genre ("The New Crusade").

The extremely clean & dynamic production is the perfect sonic solution for this kind of complex epic songs...The playing level is stellar each player is 100% effective, but the most impressive elements are the constant barrage of high pitched vocal performed by Pete Morten, suceeding in always sounding very natural, instinctive, never forced and finally really convincing, you can perceive some vocal analogy with Bruce Dickinson/Geddy Lee/Tobias Sammett/Michael Kiske or in the great "In Memoria di Me" where the only valid comparison is Sebastian Bach...

If MY SOLILOQUY's "The Interpreter" was an exceptional album of Progressive Metal, this "In The Fullness Of Time" is the ideal equivalence in the Modern Power Metal style and a strongly recommended purchase!<

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"In The Fullness Of Time" Track-listing:

1. The Mara
2. In Memoria di Me
3. The New Crusade
4. No Regrets
5. Defiance
6. Burden of Proof
7. The Ever Becoming
8. Damage Report
9. Euphoria

Nightmare World Lineup:

Sam Shuttelwood - Guitar
Pete Morten - Lead Vocals
Joey Cleary - Guitar
Billy Jeffs - Drums
Nick Clarke - Keys
David Moorcroft - Bass

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