Night Viper

Night Viper

The Girl Power in Rock scene is very intense, especially in 80's with Joan Jett […]
By Samantha "Samii" Mittelstaedt
December 21, 2015
Night Viper - Night Viper album cover

The Girl Power in Rock scene is very intense, especially in 80's with Joan Jett and her band THE RUNNAWAYS. Passing this period, the most female genre that the woman usually sings is the Symphonic Metal with strong influences in LACRIMOSA. And I'm here with the band NIGHT VIPER that doesn't follow this boom. The Swedish band, from Gothenburg forms their activities in 2004 and this album, self-titled - "Night Viper" - will be releasing this year by Svart Records. Looking to their artwork, you can imagine a Black metal band, maybe or something like it, but not the song they're making.

I'm confessing, I'm shocked, and I'm surprised with this band. The line-up formed with another woman Emil Ridderstolpe on guitars that makes a work better than many men on guitars I have heard in my life. And talk about singer in Sofie-Lee Johansson. Her vocals are powerful, wild, and incredible. The power she can show in this songs and the madness he shows is incredible. Definitely, she is the highlight of this album. The rest of line-up is talented and makes that the songs asks. A straight, raw, traditional and powerful Heavy Metal you can listen.

The songs are insane and they make the traditional Heavy Metal you can imagine. You can listen faster songs like "The Hammer" and "Run For Cover" with more insane vocals by Johansson. Doro Pesch - ex-WARLOCK front-woman has really influenced this woman quiet a lot. Other songs like "Night Viper" and "Never be Enslaved" are pretty cool to show the other abilities from the entire band.

NIGHT VIPER makes a raw, faster and insane Heavy metal that will involve you since the first note. If you likes something different but classic, talented and well done, I'm pretty sure you will enjoy "Night Viper" much as or more than I did. I hope they will make using the same formula in the future!

6 / 10

Had Potential

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"Night Viper" Track-listing:

1. Night Viper
2. The Hammer
3. Curse Of A Thousand Deaths
4. Run for Cover
5. Warrior Woman
6. Faces In The Mirror
7. Never Be Enslaved
8. Dagger In Hand
9. The Wolverine

Night Viper Lineup:

Sofie-Lee Johansson - Vocals
Tom Sutton - Guitars
Emil Ridderstolpe - Guitars
Ruben Åhlander Persson - Bass
Jonna Karlsson - Drums

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