Night Falls Last

Everyone listens to metal for different reasons. Some people love nothing more than a guitar […]
By Tom Colyer
April 10, 2015
Night Falls Last - Deathwalker album cover

Everyone listens to metal for different reasons. Some people love nothing more than a guitar riff that is so complicated that it would give M.C Escher a headache. There are those that just want the most deranged, murder inspiring sounds that can be forced from a stereo. A lot of people however just want something that will make them nod their head, stamp their feet and possibly punch someone's teeth out.

For the latter, NIGHT FALLS LAST will make the perfect hors d'oeuvre to any night of booze and mayhem. Maybe I'm getting old, but the mosh pit seems to be a dying thing here in the UK. Perhaps it was the birth of Hardcore kids testing out their latest martial arts training that ruined it for the rest of us. I remember when pits were just about running at each other as fast as you could and praying that you didn't have a 40-year-old biker in your path.

NIGHT FALLS LAST seem like they may well be able to bring this element back, at least at their gigs. They have a sound that is so strongly reminiscent of LAMB OF GOD circa the "big fucking wall of death" days. They have managed to mix this old school Groove-Metalcore(ish) sound with the new wave of Thrash that is sweeping Europe to create something refreshingly angry. Their first full-length album, "Deathwalker", is jam-packed with catchy riffs and stomping beats. Opening up with a chilled out guitar part that sounds like it could well be played at high noon to mark the final shoot-out of some old legendary gunfighter, the album soon tears into a machine gun riff before rolling into the thunder that continues for the duration.

Although the vocals have a light smattering of the taint that Screamo left on Metal as a whole, there isn't enough of it to poison the sound. I'm a sucker for simple riffs and these guys manage to continuously blast out riff after riff that may sound simple but have such powerful hooks that you just don't care. I've heard a lot of people say that there's not much else that can be done with a guitar, and while they may be right in some respects, I say who fucking cares? NIGHT FALLS LAST is a perfect example of why the tried and tested methods work. The breakdowns are pretty much by the book but they still make we want to run in a circle maniacally laughing to myself.

So sure, it might not be the most original album ever, but "Deathwalker" is just what you need if you're looking for a pit and a good time.

8 / 10


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"Deathwalker" Track-listing:

1. Invasion
2. Fear The Machine
3. Detonate
4. A Call From Inferno
5. Shootout
6. Deathwalker
7. Start To Breathe
8. The Bitter Taste Of Disease
9. Rise
10. And
11. Fall

Night Falls Last Lineup:

Christoph Kerschenbauer - Bass, Vocals
Patrick Arzeberger - Drums
Raphael Kerschbaumer - Guitars
Peter Geier - Guitars
Philipp Hofer - Keyboards
Wolfgang Fleck - Vocals

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