Humanity Will Echo Out

Night Crowned

Although both have sustained a strong presence in the international metal community over the years, […]
By Robert Amer
December 16, 2018
Night Crowned - Humanity Will Echo Out album cover

Although both have sustained a strong presence in the international metal community over the years, Black Metal and the Gothenburg brand of Melodic Death Metal have largely avoided cross-pollination while embracing influences from other sub-genres. The two almost seem mutually exclusive. The atmospheric and satanic leanings of Black Metal seem to repel the catchy riffs and upbeat energy of Black Metal for the sake of bleak integrity, and vice versa to maintain the latter's pacing and listenability.

It is no surprise that a secondary project made up of seasoned performers and songwriters would be the act to spark a new combined blaze in the northern sky, and NIGHT CROWNED has made this red in the sky its own. The band is comprised of current, session, and former members of DARK FUNERAL, CIPHER SYSTEM, THE CROWN, and NIGHTRAGE, and has found a balance in their sound that honors elements from both sub-genres, though hardline enthusiasts on either side might be put off by the prevalence of the other.

The group's debut EP, "Humanity Will Echo Out," is an appetizing offering. The three-track release was promoted eight months prior with the lyric video for "No Room For Help," presenting the philosophical fidelity emblematic of Black Metal through vocals alternating amid low and high screams by the versatile K. Romlin. The opening riff juxtaposes the two sub-genres, as well as the next, which combine in the double-edged verses. Both riffs possess the dissonance typical in a Black Metal passage although there is a subtle shift in energy and texture in the echo of the opening, a trait more common in melodic Black Metal. In a similar way, the chorus also features a guitar part more akin to Black Metal harmonically, but the vocal pattern and drums befit an AT THE GATES chorus, though, again, the balance finds a sweet spot. The post-chorus is one of the most galvanizing parts on the EP, an apt hybrid of double bass-driven sections from IN FLAMES' "Clayman" and EMPEROR'S "Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk".

The remaining two tracks gravitate more towards the Black Metal side of the spectrum, but the supplementation from the other is still present. "All Life Ends" begins with an ominously dissonant strings intro that is magnified when the others instruments enter. The most pronounced melo-death elements are the guitar work in the chorus and the breakdown that closes out the song. Despite the sixty/forty ratio in favor of Black Metal in these songs, the melodic Black Metal baton is carried over into "Nocturnal Pulse," with its majestically emphatic lead guitar-featured exposition. In this vein, the wailing, lyrical guitar solo between the verse and first chorus also nods to Gothenburg. The EP ends on a dynamic note with a spacious, piano interlude reminiscent of DARK TRANQUILITY being violently interrupted by the chilling finale, a torrent of Norwegian hail.

Sometimes projects such as this one lose momentum and deflate. Hopefully, that is not the case with NIGHT CROWNED. A unique sound has been constructed and it would be great to make the journey on this musical bridge between these mostly estranged sub-genres with relatively close geographical origins in future releases.<

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Humanity Will Echo Out" Track-listing:

1. No Room For Hope
2. All Life Ends
3. Nocturnal

Night Crowned Lineup:

K. Romlin - Vocals
J. Jaloma - Drums
M. Sunesson - Guitars
J. Eskilsson - Guitars
H. Liljesand - Bass

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