Dawn of the Serpent

Night Cobra

Rocking all the way from Houston, Texas we got heavy metal act NIGHT COBRA with […]
By John Foley
April 17, 2022
Night Cobra - Dawn of the Serpent album cover

Rocking all the way from Houston, Texas we got heavy metal act NIGHT COBRA with their brand new album, "Dawn of the Serpent", which was released in February 2022 and is the follow up to their debut E.P "In Praise of the Shadow" from 2020. The album was written and recorded during the Covid-19 pandemic and has strong influences from the likes of ANGEL WITCH, IRON MAIDEN and MERCYFUL FATE. This is not a concept album but the songs do depict a dystopian future with sci-fi themed lyrics.

The album opens with gloomy rain and synth noises to start off "Run The Blade". The riffs then hit and we get this epic sounding 80's feel and vibe. The track builds as the vocals howl over it all. Lead guitar parts rip through the track and this makes for a real bang your head and sing along type of tune. Plenty of filler riffs and guitar solo's to get behind to make for a good opener. Next up we have "The Serpent's Kiss" and wasting no time this one just starts with a riff that hits you right in the face. This one has lots of attitude with an anthem style chorus. This song could be a big hit for the band. So many cool riffs and killer guitar solo's dominate this track and I really did like this one.

Lead guitar lines and drums help build "The Necromancer's Curse" right from the start until the riffing breaks through. The song then picks up the pace and becomes a real pit starter. We get a big sounding chorus and riffs that have a lot of emotion behind them from the sounds of it. A guitar solo then lifts the song up and it then picks up the pace again for one last chorus section. With "In Mortal Danger" we get those monster riffs and face melting guitar solo's once again. The band is on fire here with fists in the air and lots of head banging. There is a lot of fun to be found here as the solo's are cranked up to 11 and sounding unreal as this tune really packs a punch.

"Acid Rain" is a doom and gloom sounding synth track that acts as a sort of intermission. Very 80's synth wave feel from it and sets us up for the final tune. Last song on the album is "Electric Rite" with drums starting this one off then a groovy bass line joins in. The guitars then come crashing in and we get that epic feel again. This is the bands final metal assault and a massive sing along chorus to match. The band are giving it their all with plenty of cool riffs and a guitar solo that lifts the song even higher. Then we get one final chorus to play us out as the album comes to a close.

From listening to "Dawn of The Serpent" you can really hear the influences that NIGHT COBRA have. There are so many cool riffs and guitar solos to be found here and it is those riffs and solo's that are the real highlight here. The production on the album could have done with a little more polishing but the songs still had lots of energy to them and that epic 80's style vibe throughout. Would totally recommend this one.

7 / 10









"Dawn of the Serpent" Track-listing:

1. Run The Blade
2. The Serpent's Kiss
3. Lost in Time
4. Black Venom Dreams
5. The Necromancer's Curse
6. For Those Who Walk at Night
7. In Mortal Danger
8. Acid Rain
9. Electric Rite

Night Cobra Lineup:

Christian Larson - Vocals and Synths
Bill Fool - Guitar
Brandon Barger - Guitar
Trevi Biles - Bass
Cheech - Drums

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