The Initiation

Night Attack

NIGHT ATTACK state they are playing blackened death/thrash and they couldn't be more right about […]
By Horatiu Ghibu
June 27, 2022
Night Attack - The Initiation album cover

NIGHT ATTACK state they are playing blackened death/thrash and they couldn't be more right about it. On their first EP, entitled "The Initiation" (how original...), these guys want to either blast your earphones or blast your ears. This material is not for those with weak nerves, but might excite a lot of 80's enthusiasts. Although it only contains 5 tracks and an extra demo version of one of them (totally useless), this band might just go places if it works hard enough. Let me be more specific: proper FB content, professional band photos and graphics, videos etc.

Fast, faster, fastest! Angry and obnoxious! These are the first observations that come to mind when pressing play to check out "The Initiation". This North Carolina band from Charlotte is either lazy or very unprofessional if we take into account the fact that it was formed in 2016 and their first release adds up to just an EP. But they had a lot of time on their hands to study all that KREATOR came up with back in the day. Mixed with all they could rip off the American death metal superstars of the 80s, this release will soothe any bad ass old school metal head. Not sure how they will pull it off live with their current line-up. All songs are very similar and set the same tempo and vibe for this whole EP, but maybe they managed to achieve their best with "Beyond What Lies", comprising various rhythm parts and guitar riff  plus leads. The music does not match with the themes and imagery at all, but hey every artist has his right to have his own vision!

It's fascinating how even the smallest band coming up from the US tends to have a better production than a group from western Europe formed from  experienced musicians. NIGHT ATTACK are no hidden gem but it all depends on their work ethics if they really want to turn into a serious band. Give it a spin and it might spin you!

5 / 10









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"The Initiation" Track-listing:

1. Ripped to Shreds
2. Ride the Whirlwinds
3. Merciless Attack
4. Radiation Death
5. Beyond What Lies
6. Merciless Attack (Demo Version)

Night Attack Lineup:

Charles "Verigo" Lucia - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Adam Burrell - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Jake Anantha - Drums

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