Who doesn't love some Folk Metal? I mean I really grew into it in the […]
By Will Travers
January 30, 2022
Nidhoeggr - Arise album cover

Who doesn't love some Folk Metal? I mean I really grew into it in the last year. Whilst I have been working from home, music helps me to relax and really to find focus in the deafening silence and click-clack of my solitary keyboard. Bands like ENSIFERUM, LEPOKA and ELUVEITIE have become some of my go to artists to really help hone in on the task at hand. Well, here today we have NIDHOEGGR a Swiss sextuplet with their recently released and anticipated album "Arise". The 11 track record taking us on a blissful musical journey that I just cannot wait to get stuck into. The artwork shows a bit of a desolate forest, but a lone sapling rising from the remnants of the previous trees. Perhaps some symbolism for the rising youth following their parent's generation? Who knows.

Opening the record is "Departure" and the short instrumental track builds and builds throughout, bringing us nicely into "The Journey", this is full of energy and presence. The tracking is built up superbly and just feels right, if you get what I mean? The brutal vocals complement the serenity of the instrumentals and it just flows in a seamless manner. "Scorched Earth" takes us down a slightly different route initially. There's a bit more of a boogy to it, almost like there are some Polka undertones to the tracking. It really just makes you want to get up and dance. The way that the instrumental harmonies build up and create this domineering wall of music that just crashes against you is so enjoyable.

"Mighty Willow" could be a hymn. That organ intro is just sublime, it is epic! I probably would have paid more attention in church (perks of certain elements of the UK's schooling system, enforced church participation) if there had been more relentless riffs and blast beats to drown out the priest. But to be honest, where "Mighty Willow" had started in that manner, it soon took a turn and becomes almost a Death / Folk Metal adventurer's shanty and it is utterly delightful. "Good Of Lies" again just takes a totally different approach altogether once again. It is more of a traditional Death Metal track, dark and foreboding. Coupled with the really harsh vocals and a macabre piano in the undertone. it just has a presence that is unlike anything I have come across in this record so far. To be honest, I'm impressed, it goes to show the range and depth that NIDHOEGGRE has! Finally, the titular "Arise" see's out the record in a fine fashion. Taking that melodic style that is so popular in the genre, coupled with some epic harmonies and supporting roles it builds and builds to an abrupt ending that has left me wanting a bit more.

Overall, this is a solid album. I mean I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish and would listen to this again. If you're a fan of Death Metal or Folk Metal and are looking for something that is just a little bit different to the norm then be sure to check out "NIDHOEGGR".

8 / 10









"Arise" Track-listing:

1. Departure
2. The Journey
3. Onwards
4. Twilight Zone
5. Scorched Earth
6. Rise And Fall
7. Mighty Willow
8. Desolation
9. Good Of Lies
10 Winter's Night
11. Arise

Nidhoeggr Lineup:

Janos Thomann - Vocals
Nino Moser - Guitar
Janick Rüttimann - Guitar
Thibault Schmidt - Bass
Lorenz Joss - Vocals/Keyboards
Patrick Scheidegger - Drums

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