NIBIRU are a trio band originated from Italy, although only surfaced to creation in 2012, […]
By Moti Rokah
April 18, 2015
Nibiru - Padmalotus album cover

NIBIRU are a trio band originated from Italy, although only surfaced to creation in 2012, they have set a new level for experimenting through the Ritual Psychedelic Sludge genre with 2 full independent albums in the last 3 years that got them a label contract with Argonauta Records, and the release of the third album " Padmalotus", and with this fast rate of writing materials, recording and releases I guess we will hear much more from them in the near future.

The ritual of music to NIBIRU it feels, is the same as their need to breath, the need to be. The use of Sludge as a tool to destroy their and our souls. The road of melodic insanity they express through the songs will devour any drop of humanity from the listener, 4 enchanting songs from 12 to 28 minutes of psychedelic sludge filled with suppressed anger and hate towards the self and the cosmos.

The album is not the one you will take for a drive to school or work, but it will be perfect for the dark room audience, those metal heads who seek this expression of dying feelings and connection to something unexplainable that only dark music can create. The songs are slow to mid pace in their core with psychedelic melodies that pulls the listener to another area of darkness, the album as a whole and each song to itself evolve from despair to agony and finally to anger and madness, "Khem" the last song is when all hate breaks loss in this album, and all boundaries are crashed as if the entire album was built for this reason, the preparation for the end takes us through "Trikona" that raises the tempo and level of aggression from the first tracks "Ashmadaeva" and the ritualistic "Krim" that brings forth the black era of NIBIRU.

8 / 10


"Padmalotus" Track-listing:

1. Krim
2. Ashmadaeva
3. Trikona
4. Khem

Nibiru Lineup:

Ardath - Guitars, Vocals
Ri  - Bass, Synthesizers
Siatris - Drums, Percussions, Guitars, Screaming, Didgeridoo, Virus

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