Of Robots And Men


NEVERSIN is an Italian outfit with a passion for fusions of genres. They have never […]
By Dory Khawand
November 12, 2013
Neversin - Of Robots And Men album cover

NEVERSIN is an Italian outfit with a passion for fusions of genres. They have never been satisfied with monotony and will do their best to deliver a very good combination of Hard Rock, Melodic Metal, Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, and whatever similar genres your ears can decipher from their very unorthodox blend of magical audio. Some would feel right at home with an 80's feel, and others would feel enlightened by a sound that seems to new, yet at the same time outdated in comparison to modern standards in heavy music.

Upon finishing their new album "Of Robots and Men" one thing is for certain: this band destroys wearisomeness and nothing sounds exactly the same; hence, no fillers whatsoever. NEVERSIN are like a brand new synthesizer where you tweak all the knobs and hear something new every time you press on the keys. From heavy tracks like "Borg Fight" to the beautiful "Sons of the Highlands", you have nothing certain to expect, just a gigantic wall of sound you'll be satisfied and happy with.

I recommend this to fans of KING CRIMSON, CAMEL, AC/DC, heck, even OPETH for heck's sake. The variety keeps taking me to newer horizons and I can never decide. "Of Robots and Men" is an 8/10 album that will fill you up and keep you coming back for more.

8 / 10


"Of Robots And Men" Track-listing:

1. Escape from the Planet of the Robots
2. I
3. Violet
4. Planet Earth
5. The Star Watcher
6. Return to the Planet of the Robots
7. Borg Fight
8. System Failure
9. Enterprise
10. Sons of the Highlands
11. Ghostrider
12. Hit the Road
13. Kryptonite
14. Maybe it's Me (Revisited)

Neversin Lineup:

Filippo "Ben" Benetton - Vocals
Matteo "Skench" Scalcon - Guitars, Vocals
Federico "Sgana" Fabian - Guitars
Daniele "Hurt" Businari - Bass
Alberto "Albertino" Quarta - Drums

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