No Heaven...Only Torment

Neverlight Horizon

I can say that I was slightly confused with the content of this album since […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
March 9, 2008
Neverlight Horizon - No Heaven...Only Torment album cover

I can say that I was slightly confused with the content of this album since I came across many sites that described this band's music as melodic Death Metal. As far as I know, Shiver Records has never released something that contains the word melodic in it. I was really curious to see what these guys play and without wasting any more time I started listening to No Heaven...Only Torment (what a melodic title!?) and here is what I found out...

The Belgian Grind/Death metallers have nothing to do with melody (except from some leads that are scattered throughout the album). The band managed to sign a contract with Belgium's Shiver Records, a label that specializes in Grind and Death Metal and releases its brand new full-length work, which is full of pure brutality.

Even though the album did not amaze me, I can say that the band managed to keep me alive throughout the whole album with their honest music. NEVERLIGHT HORIZON present some good ideas and I have to admit that there were times that they made me wanna get up from the chair I was sitting and start a mosh pit! The Belgian metallers reminded me a bit of the Dutch Grind/Death Metal act DISAVOWED. The good thing about these guys is that they know exactly when to change the tempo and avoid making the listener get tired. What if it isn't the album of the year? There are times when you don't need anything groundbreaking to make your day. You just need some brutal and honest music.

With a more than decent sound (the album was recorded and mixed at the Noise Factory Studio by Gerald Jans and mastered at the CCR Studio), No Heaven...Only Torment is destined to make your head bang under the brutal tunes of NEVERLIGHT HORIZON. If you have some spare money and you are into brutal shit, then this album will definitely be a good choice.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"No Heaven...Only Torment" Track-listing:

Absorbed By Obscurity
Dead Flesh Vengeance
Demon Rising
Possessed By Hatred
Lifeless Domain
Sanctuary Of Impalement

Neverlight Horizon Lineup:

Rebhell - Vocals
Laurent - Guitar
J-F - Bass
Julien - Drums

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