Conjure the Storm


This week's weather calls for a massive storm cell sweeping our way, bringing with it […]
By Kyle Scott
June 25, 2019
Nevalra - Conjure the Storm album cover

This week's weather calls for a massive storm cell sweeping our way, bringing with it thundering snares, a mix of cymbal showers and heavy riff microbursts that are predicted to dump several inches of blood and knock out power grids all over. All are advised to stay indoors and have a good listen while they're at it! NEVALRA's debut album "Conjure the Storm" is multi-instrumentalist, and THY ANTICHRIST guitarist, Scott Eames' brainchild. Dramatic and deadly as only Black Metal knows how to be, "Conjure the Storm" unleashes a cataclysmic squall of the heaviest sounds to ever come through a pair of headphones.

Screams and mad chittering noises against a backdrop of peeling church bells and forboding orchestral overtures? There are plenty in the opening track appropriately titled "Warchestra"! Navigating the song might as well be crossing a minefield; explosive riffs at every turn and building leveling bass rolls through the war-torn countryside. NEVALRA brings an attitude like KREATOR, playing in circle pit tempos and solos worthy of an audience with God himself. Scott Eames' vicious banshee screams echo in the title track "Conjure the Storm", drawing towering cumulonimbus in his wake. With the coming rains, NEVALRA inevitably gets struck by a bolt of lightning and transform into a raging Thrash band with "It Dies in Vain".

The storm NEVALRA conjures carries us to "Kismet" and beyond, drowning in their own dissonant sorrows that pour in torrential sheets. Once the storm clears, we are treated to a triumphant return to the land of light in "I am the Sun". A declaration of bold resilience in the face of adversity that is summed up with free-flying solos and guttural vocals screaming about how they should be recognized. NEVALRA flies us through churning winds of hurricanes, and bring us out into the sun again as soon as they disperse. "Conjure the Storm" shatters expectations for a debut!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Conjure the Storm" Track-listing:

1. Warchestra
2. ....of Ruination
3. Amidst the Ivory Towers
4. Saeculum
5. Conjure the Storm
6. It Dies in Vain
7. Kismet
8. Take Your Leave
9. I am the Sun
10. Prophet for Profit

Nevalra Lineup:

Scott Eames - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Orchestrations
Cody Sprock - Bass
Zach Lindsey - Drums

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