As I mentioned, this type of music is hard to compose and play, there is no doubt about that. But the end result is an album that is jut not memorable.
December 21, 2023

NEURECTOMY is a Technical Death Metal band formed in New York City, New York, USA in 2008. It took 15 years for them to release this debut album, but keep in mind, releasing an album takes a good deal of perseverance. The album has eight songs. “Abducted for Research” is first. Unfortunately, it has all the cliches of Death Metal…imperceptible vocals, dissonant guitars, blast beat drums, pig squeals, and it is nearly entirely bereft of melody. “Culinary Cadaveric Art” is more of the same. The technical structures are noteworthy, as is the lack of melody, but the songs just sound so sterile, there is hardly room for interpretation on the part of the listener.

“Anencephalic Birth” has more chaotic sounds and it barely even registers as a “song” in the traditional sense of that word. The guitar work is all over the place and is overrun with cliché pig squeals. “Dolphin” has so many guitar runs that don’t make sense. The musicians are good at their trade, just not so adept at writing memorable songs. Try to count the meter here…it is nearly impossible. “Zombified” is the longest song on the album, at four-and-a-half minutes in length. Again, the sound is so chaotic and overrun with branches planted at your feet that there is little room for traditional structures.

“Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva” is yet another structureless song. Forget trying to find your bearings when you listen to this album, because there is no starting point or ending point to speak of. The title track is more of the same. I get Tech Death, but when all of the songs sound the same, it makes for a less than memorable listening experience. “Crimson Tsunami” closes the album, and it’s as weird as the title. In fact, many of the song titles don’t make sense. This is an all too common phenomenon of Death Metal. As I mentioned, this type of music is hard to compose and play, there is no doubt about that. But the end result is an album that is just not memorable.


4 / 10

Nothing special








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"Overwrought" Track-listing:

1. Abducted for Research

2. Culinary Cadaveric Art

3. Anencephalic Birth

4. Dolphin

5. Zombified

6. Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva

7. Overwrought

8. Crimson Tsunami


Neurectomy Lineup:

Kris – Guitar/Vocals

Joe – Guitars/Vocals

John Longstreth – Drums


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