Trilateral Progression


Neuraxis come from a country where some of the most ass-kicking Metal diamonds have risen. […]
By Rana Karam
May 2, 2006
Neuraxis - Trilateral Progression album cover

Neuraxis come from a country where some of the most ass-kicking Metal diamonds have risen. Some of them are Cryptopsy, Voivod, Necronomicon, Gorguts and the list goes on and on... I always have the most positive disposition when it comes to listening to new material from Canada.
Neuraxis formed in 1994, in Montreal. Their debut album Imagery (1997) showcased their early Death/Grind approach. A passage Into Forlorn (2001) and Truth Beyond... followed which led them to several tours throughout Canada and also in the U.S.A. and Europe.
I will surely not compare Neuraxis to other bands of their genre; that would be an offensive sacrilege. From the occult intro of the album to the high-speed last song The Apex, Neuraxis puts you in a vital state. They have somehow managed to uniquely mix melody (no, not the Swedish Death Metal kind) in harmony with crafty, high-speed riffs in a beautiful palette of progressive sounds. The technicality of this band is simply out of this world and accurate, but not in any way tiring and boring. The Grind part is somewhat reduced to minimum, without that meaning reduction of straight and in-your-face brutality. In addition, Neuraxis invited some good friends to jam altogether while recording Trilateral Production Jason Netherton (Misery Index), Pat Loisel (Augury), Alex Erian (Despised Icon) and Guillaume Audet (Nefastus Dies). The artwork on the other hand has, at last, nothing to do with rotting corpses and other standards that most of Death Metal bands adopt and seems to totally express the nature of their music. Plus, the production of the CD is absolutely stunning.
Now, after releasing Trilateral Progression, we can talk about the band's universal recognition, since they are truly worthy of it. Yeap, Neuraxis' time has come and it's long overdue, it's time for us to open up our minds and ears and support this great band. It's time for them to get what they deserve. It will be a while 'till I take out Trilateral Progression from my CD player...

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Trilateral Progression" Track-listing:

Thought Adjuster
Shatter The Wisdom
Monitoring The Mind
A Curative Struggle
Chamber Of Guardians
The Apex

Neuraxis Lineup:

Ian Campbell - Vocals
Rob Milley - Guitar
Steven Henry - Guitar
Yan Thiel - Bass
Tommy Mckinnon - Drums

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