Nest is one of those bands that you really don't know what to expect. The […]
By Jorge Zamudio
April 30, 2019
Nest - Metempsychosis album cover

Nest is one of those bands that you really don't know what to expect. The cover of the album, the titles of the tracks; there is nothing that gives you a hint of what they are offering as a band. So, I had to dig really deep, to understand this, and put it into words and somehow do justice to what they do. Sludge metal has not been on my list, because although I enjoy the abstract moments of music, the experimentation, and to say the truth, it is a good album. But by far, I have heard some things that have captivated me more than this release.  Its a good one, for sure, but let me explain my point.

For the entire album, the quality of the production is clearly made to sound the way it does, raw, and a little bit uncured.  The prevalence of the bass (which I really loved on songs like "Life's Grief" or "Jewel of Iniquity") on the doomiest parts, and drums that sound like and old cooking pot, and they're having fun doing it, but it's not this that stands out, rather, other things.

I have a problem with the voice, which sounds a little bit forced to fit in the tracks, and probably in sludge metal, this is what you have to do. But it really sounds a bit unnatural, and not innovative at all. But on the other hand, it is just there to fill the album. I don't think they have the consistency here that an album probably should have. Even in sludge. I think that they have this dark side, that's unfolded in some songs, but the the others just don't carry the same line to connect with me, and I felt sometimes a little lost.

At this point, I do believe that this band it is just not made for my personal taste. But, with that said,  I do think that people who enjoy this type of metal mightbe pleased by it, and likely overlook what I see as flaws. I recommend the album, just in case you want to go on a hard experiment, otherwise avoid it.

6 / 10

Had Potential








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"Metempsychosis" Track-listing:

1. -
2. The Cowardice and Rashness of Courage
3. Gallows of Forever
4. Heretic
5. Divining by the Entrails of Shee
6. Jewel of Iniquity
7. From the Darkness in Me, Illuminate
8. Life's Grief
9. -

Nest Lineup:

Corey Stringer - Drums, Vocals
Kyle Keener - Guitars, Noise

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