Victim Of Yourself


Brazilian Thrashers NERVOSA are a success story, with only just a three-song EP and one […]
By Daniel Silva
February 13, 2014
Nervosa - Victim Of Yourself album cover

Brazilian Thrashers NERVOSA are a success story, with only just a three-song EP and one music video they became a household name in the underground scene and not undeserving, their EP "Time of Death", which made my list of best albums of 2012, was a great thrash metal album, of such a quality I haven't listened to in a while in a new band. Formed in 2010 in São Paulo the band toured extensively in Brazil gaining fans wherever they went, not only because of the quality of their music but also due to the charisma presented by the front woman Fernanda Lira.

This has got to be one of the most expected albums of this year I have been a fan of this band ever since I discovered them and listened to their EP constantly, but does their debut album live up to my expectations?

In some ways yes, this album is a continuation of what they started on "Time of Death", pure unadulterated Thrash Metal, but also is an expansion of that EP, showing a band that has evolved during this period. However in some ways it didn't, this album lacks variety on the songs, they can get kind of repetitive until the song "Envious" which is a nice breath of fresh air with its very cool intro, but then it falls back on the same repetitive formula.

In conclusion, even though it lacks a certain variety to the songs, "Victim of Yourself" is an awesome album that serves to satiate my hunger for good quality Thrash and marks NERVOSA as a very strong band and sets them at the forefront of the so-called NWOBHM, New Wave of Brazilian Heavy Metal.

8 / 10


"Victim Of Yourself" Track-listing:

1. Intro
2. Twisted Values
3. Justice Be Done
4. Wake up and Fight
5. Nasty Injury
6. Envious
7. Morbid Courage
8. Death
9. Into Mosh Pit
10. Deep Misery
11. Victim of Yourself
12. Uranio Em Nos

Nervosa Lineup:

Prika Amaral - Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Fernanda Lira - Bass, Vocals
Pitchu Ferraz - Drums

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