Divinity Of Death


Out on the run, like a savage beast feeding with corpses thrown to lakes full […]
By Yiannis Doukas
September 18, 2010
Nekromantheon - Divinity Of Death album cover

Out on the run, like a savage beast feeding with corpses thrown to lakes full of toxic waters, is what these NEKROMANTHEON from Kolboth of Norway look like. Thrash Metal that is close to something like a rusty blades attack. They have already shown their wild teeth with "We're Rotting" EP in 2007 and with two splits releases, one with ABIGAIL and the other one with AUDIOPAIN (who, by the way, share the same drummer with). "Divinity Of Death" spewed out in the beginning of this summer in vinyl version by High Roller Records with a CD version available by Duplicate Records.

NEKROMANTHEON are very influenced by AURA NOIR and INFERNO. They are so close to this sound that a friend of the above bands, if he has a desire of new recordings, this is where he will find his sonic paradise. Many of the album's riffs owe a lot to them like in tracks as "Cry Havoc" or "Divinity Of Death". On the other their dedication to SLAYER is rather obvious in such a level that they become a little bit out of logic. I mean a lot of parts are almost like ripoffs and will put you in some negative thoughts but it will be a really difficult task to avoid banging your skull. Try the hellish intro of "Gringo Death" and you will understand.

Except for the above, in "Divinity Of Death" you will meet a lot of early KREATOR, SODOM, POSSESSED and some hints from the old Brazilian scene. Some times I repeat I caught myself wandering if I have to take them serious or more like a 'tribute' to the bands I mentioned. It's true that parts like the "Exorcist" copy in "Further Beyond" is of not so much meaning. And this reduced personality thing surely removes a lot of points.

But finally is this album worth to listen to? Well, definitely yes. If you like Thrash Metal yes. Because here NEKROMANTHEON - apart from everything else - have achieved a really wonderful sound. The sound here is absolutely fucking amazing. The drumming is thunderous, straight from the "Pleasure To Kill" days together with the atrociousness of old SEPULTURA or SARCOFAGO. And this is the element that will make them worth checking and leave good impressions.

Overall: good and toxic bonecrushing Thrash a la AURA NOIR, not so very inspired but with such a super sound and passion in playing that will make you forget anything else.

7 / 10


"Divinity Of Death" Track-listing:
  1. Gringo Death
  2. The Point Of No Return
  3. Cry Havoc
  4. Divinity Of Death
  5. Lex Talionis
  6. Devolutionary Storms
  7. Tortured In Tartaros
  8. Further Beyond
  9. Acid Visions
  10. Psyanide
  11. Alcoholy Terror
Nekromantheon Lineup:

Arild Myren Torp - Guitars, Vocals
Christian Holm - Drums
Sindre Solem - Bass, Vocals

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