Worm Ritual


For a band that's been around as long as NEKROFILTH, they have only just recently […]
By Kyle Scott
January 24, 2019
Nekrofilth - Worm Ritual album cover

For a band that's been around as long as NEKROFILTH, they have only just recently released their sophomore album. They haven't been sitting around, exactly, they've been putting out singles, splits and EPs since 2011. NEKROFILTH has been hacking off chunks of their sophomore since 2017, giving us severed limbs and heads before dumping the remains on our doorsteps with 2018's Worm Ritual. The album could easily be described as an audio nightmare (in the nicest sense). There are few nice things that NEKROFILTH has to say, however. The instruments so frothing rabid, they appear to digest the recording equipment with the amount of violence each song gives off noxious fumes of.

Fresh from the grave and spelled with a 'K' (aesthetic) NEKROFILTH starts off Worm Ritual by setting the entire stage on fire with a Molotov cocktail of noise for their first song "Ready to Defile". Listen to the band get carried away with their insanity they forget they still have an entire album to play. Each song is a little microcosm of potent and highly corrosive rage where playing them is like opening a can of leeches; very hard to contain and ravenous for blood. NEKROFILTH sings of filth and rot that claims its victims by the slightest touch, "Rot with the Dead", "Vomit Dog", and the B Movie monster-worthy "Night of the Leech".

Channeling some of that untamable energy from Thrash's older cousin Punk, Worm Ritual gets its brain coated in a generous coating of cocaine like a meaty powdered donut of madness. Riffs spiral into bedlam constantly as if the fretboards were doused in a layer of grease, the bass is nice and weighty, giving an atmosphere of hellish flames licking the amplifiers. With quick, explosive beats packed into under three minutes, NEKROFILTH finds a cozy, moist home in a section of your skull. It had to chew some brains out to make room. It knew you wouldn't mind.

10 / 10









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"Worm Ritual" Track-listing:

1. Ready to Defile
2. Dead Brain
3. Rot with the Dead
4. Vomit Dog
5. Repulsed at Birth
6. Night of the Leech
7. Cruel Addiction
8. Feast of the Rats
9. Gutter Oil
10. Severed Eyes
11. They Took my Skin
12. Unbirthed
13. Worm Ritual
14. Poison [VENOM Cover]
15. Horror of the Crypt

Nekrofilth Lineup:

Zach Rose - Vocals, Guitars
J.D. "Disgustin' Justin" Kelly - Bass
Mike "Shaggy" O'Connor - Drums

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