This is the debut album for the Black Metal band from Greece. I do believe […]
By Johnny Jackal
October 8, 2016
Nekrarchon - Gehinnam album cover

This is the debut album for the Black Metal band from Greece. I do believe it's one of the first times I ever listened to a band from Greece. Let's start off by saying that the production value is really good. You can't really compare it to the 90's Black Metal scene at all. You have minimalist bands doing something that was unheard of. The audio quality was not supposed to be very good. The emphasis was on the ambiance of the music.

I loved the music, the ambiance, the overall feeling you get when you listen to the songs of this album. I will single out any particular song though because I felt most of the songs (that aren't interludes) sounded really the same. When I listened to this album, I felt that the beginning of each song was the same. It has always the same structure; there was no real originality unfortunately. The underneath layers of music did not appeal to me at all.

I loved those interludes though (''Cathode'', ''Orision'' and ''Anode'') , this struck me as some great stuff. What I want to listen when I listen to Black Metal (it can be any subgenres) is great music, something that has me clinging to straws. You know something that really penetrates your soul. It has to have that it factor and sometimes that resonates. It's what I love about the genre, you have this eerie feeling when you listen to it, brings you to another place.

As for the style of vocals, well, I can usually push pass through it and try to concentrate on the overall feeling of the album but I couldn't this time. The vocals are a horrible mess. It's constant screeching like if you just stubbed your toe in the middle of night. It sounds more like complaining that anything else.

The music is magical and powerful but the vocalist ruined my experience to be perfectly honest.

5 / 10









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"Gehinnam" Track-listing:

1. Cathode
2. Repentance
3. Merge
4. Consecration
5. Orision
6. Baptism
7. Chrism
8. Eucharist
9. Anode
10. Unction

Nekrarchon Lineup:

Azrael - Bass
Hryshaorr - Drums
Haydes - Guitars
Archon - Guitars and Vocals

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