Human Deviance Galore


"As I stood before the massive gate, I knew Hell lay beyond..." These words leapt […]
By Jesse Lacharite
November 1, 2021
NecroticGoreBeast - Human Deviance Galore album cover

"As I stood before the massive gate, I knew Hell lay beyond..."

These words leapt into my mind as I pressed play on NecroticGoreBeast's newest offering "Human Deviance Galore".  Relentless and punishing don't quite encapsulate the absolute slab of inhumanity that is presented.

The boys have one thing on their mind, and it's simple.  Destroy. All.  Pummeling drum sequences provide the backdrop to the apocalypse.  Searing guitars and filthy bass drop kick you in the head again and again.  This is a musical masochists wet dream.

Then there's the vocals.  I've been listening to DM and extreme metal my whole life (since back in the old days, when death metal was just coming onto the scene).  There have been a lot of notable performances and vocalists over the years.  But this is next level stuff.  Join me, as I peruse Hellscape after Hellscape.  Let the gospel of the Old Ones unfold...

Let's start with the production on the album. "Human Deviance Galore" is a gorgeous sounding album.  None of the instruments fight for space in the mix.  The drums are crispy and tight.  Guitars and bass compliment each other, delivering a crushing mix of distorted madness.  Every riff is beautifully detailed, the breaks and drops will gank your speakers.  All in all, this is a clean and pristine musical experience that is exquisitely rendered in black.  Now onto the meat and potatoes of this monster.

NecroticGoreBeasts musical approach is simple.  Step one, develop the musical equivalent to a nuclear bomb.  Step two, aim.  Step Three, lay waste to everything.  The opener "Deviant Primitive Debauchery" sets the table for what to expect for the next 36 plus minutes. The menacing primordial chug and muscular drumming explode in a delicious feast of DM goodness.  Intriguingly, there is a healthy mix of everything on here.  Savage breakdowns, massive bass drops, slit-throat gurgling vocals and some of sickest lyrics I've read in a while.

Next up is "Grotesque Pathological Anomalies".  NecroticGoreBeast know how to vary their approach.  One might expect to get tired of hearing Hell regurgitate itself all over you, but that's where the pacing and groove of the album shine.  When you've been naughty, they hammer you with vicious blasts and driving double bass.  When you've been good, they reward you with crunchy, artificial harmonic madness.  Each riff, building on the heaviness of the previous one.  It is both masterful and greatly appreciated, this release never overstays it's welcome.  It's 36 minutes of awesomeness.

"Blood Clot Climax" is another example of the band just going nuclear.  Dropping the tempo down to a sludgy acid bath of caustic musical hate, there is simply no room for the weak on this release.

"Leaky Stoma Intercourse" and "Feeding on Abscess" are two more killer examples of NecroticGoreBeast's ability to take technicality to extreme heights.  As impressive as this is, for me it's the heavier elements being balanced with the groovier aspects that truly take this album into superstar status.  The closer, "Transcendant Martyrdom" see the vocals getting even more extreme (if that's even possible) with layers of duality.  It just adds another dimension of creepiness to the music.

Overall, this is a killer Death Metal release.  It's heavier than a neutron star, more disturbing than Jeffrey Dahmer's mind and should be committed to a mental asylum.  From the production to the songwriting, everything you could want is here.  This is an uncompromising album that deserves to be heard.  Well done NecroticGoreBeast, I won't be able to sleep for a week after this one.  Highly recommended for fans of Extreme Metal, Slam and Brutal Death Metal.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Human Deviance Galore" Track-listing:

1. Deviant Primitive Debauchery
2. Grotesque Pathological Anomalies
3. Obstetric Anthropophagic Feast
4. Abnormal Postmortem Impregnation
5. Excremental Hemorrhage
6. Blood Clot Climax
7. Forced Tracheotomy Penetration
8. Leaking Stoma Intercourse
9. Feeding on Abscess
10. Transcendent Martyrdom

NecroticGoreBeast Lineup:

John Mayer - Vocals
Alexandre Brochu - Bass
JP Bouchard - Drums
Micheal Chamberland - Guitar

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