Documentaries Of Dementia

Necrotic Disgorgement

The brutality is an art for some, a huge lot of creativity and a large […]
By Yassine "SpiritCrusher" Mankai
July 1, 2013
Necrotic Disgorgement - Documentaries Of Dementia album cover

The brutality is an art for some, a huge lot of creativity and a large sphere of emotion. NECROTIC DISGORGEMENT is a group of five musicians who are true craftsmen in this kind of art, brutal Death Metal. They are super Handy Sheet creating gory scenes in their new album "Documentaries Of Dementia". These Americans have already in the pocket an album since 2004, and after more than nine years, they have returned to work after a long period of drought.

The album starts with an intro that reminds me of the sound-tracks used in horror movies. Then immediately we attack blast beats and sick riffs with "Pincushion Pussy", the first real song on the album that stands out with a very nice melodic solo. The tension goes up a notch with "Conceived For Inscest" and "Postmortem Fluid Evacuation", the American quintet does not ask many questions, they destroyed all limits. If you have the courage to continue the adventure after the first three songs that can cause remarkable damage to the brain, then go. I have decided to continue with "Crack Whore Compost" and "Anal Trauma" for an extra dose of brutality. Until here, we should not pass without mentioning the drummer Jason Tracazzi a true sculptor of these masterpieces, and yes masterpieces for those who love the complexity and harsh voices. Thereafter a piece that struck me is "Grotesque Skeletal Reconstruction" very fast with a lot of breaks. It is nearing the end; you can feel a little more melody on "Defecation Delicacy". And end it with "He Wears The Flesh", a song very well placed to finish with, and it seems that the fuel is over.

By focusing on production, I can say that it is a success. NECROTIC DISGORGEMENT has pulled off a place among the greats of the genre, with their mastery of the instrument and the high technical abilities, an album to discover.

8 / 10


"Documentaries Of Dementia" Track-listing:

1. Intronitiation
2. Pincushion Pussy
3. Conceived for Incest
4. Postmortem Fluid Evacuation
5. Crack Whore Compost
6. Anal Trauma
7. Icepick Ear Sodomy
8. Grotesque Skeletal Reconstruction
9. Defecation Delicacy
10. He Wears the Flesh

Necrotic Disgorgement Lineup:

Ben Deskins - Guitars, Vocals
Jimmy Javins - Vocals
Jason Trecazzi - Drums
Tony Tipton - Guitars
Phil Good - Bass

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