The End Of All Flesh


"The End Of All Flesh" is the first full length album of German death metal […]
By Joshua Cummins
December 28, 2015
Necrosphere - The End Of All Flesh album cover

"The End Of All Flesh" is the first full length album of German death metal band NECROSPHERE. Released by Bret Hard Records as a follow up to 2014's EP "Viral Ressurection", "The End Of All Flesh" displays a high level of production value, and does an exceptional job of showcasing the talents of the individual musicians, coming together as one solid, cohesive sound.

Lightning fast drums accompanied by a duo of skilled guitarists who come together to create a sound which, while not entirely unique, is a breath of fresh air in a genre which seems to be dominated today by subpar playing ability overshadowed by images of all things dark. With a sound reminiscent of old school SLIPKNOT, mixed with the thrashiness of SLAYER, the group brings it home with a vocalist whose deep, guttural stylings add a level of "heavy" to the already hard rocking groove.

While "The End Of all Flesh" is a display of technical prowess, it is not without its faults, or more specifically, fault. Listening to the album through its entirety each song blends together with the next to form what is less of a ten track album and more of a single 30 minute track. While I personally find this unappealing it may be more of a product of the culture and status quo of current death metal. It is a minor flaw in an album which is, otherwise, excellent.

This being said, NECROSPHERE has a winner with "The End of All Flesh", bringing to the table an album that presents technical ability, raw talent, superior production, and plain and simple balls out heavy metal. "The End of All Flesh", in my opinion, represents what all modern death metal should strive to be. "The End of All Flesh" is available now from Bret Hard Records.

7 / 10


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"The End Of All Flesh" Track-listing:

1. Prelude To Extermination
2. The End Of All Flesh
3. Necromanic Butchery
4. Carrion Sculpture
5. The Septic Mind
6. Condemned To Suffer
7. Severed Head Masturbation
8. Blunt Force Surgery
9. Incineration Beyond Recognition
10. Hordes Of The Rotten

Necrosphere Lineup:

Micha - Bass
Carsten - Drums
Roman - Guitars
Bruder Steven - Guitars
Saschinski - Vocals

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