Swedish Black and Death Metal trio NECROPHOR have recorded their third demo, called "Exterminatus". It's […]
By Aaron Eerdekens
November 18, 2015
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Swedish Black and Death Metal trio NECROPHOR have recorded their third demo, called "Exterminatus". It's the follow up effort of their 2013 and 2014 demo's "Verbum Vexillifer" and "The Eye Of Terror". This demo contains three rugged Black and Death Metal songs,
"God of War" is the opener and gets you right into their sound. Fast drums and heavy guitars is what this is all about and it becomes very clear from the beginning on. Like the good old Black Metal it's not about speed but about the feeling of doom and death and heaviness all around. Riffs fly at you from all corners and slap you in the face with their simplistic power and penetrative qualities. Off course there's simply no way of understanding the vocals, but hey, that's what this kind of music is all about, right? At least he interchanges the screams with growls from time to time.

"Chaos Undivided" is next up and goes on like "God Of War" ended, with fast drums and a piercing guitar riff. They pause for a few seconds only to unleash hell right after it. This one doesn't evolve as much as the first one though, it stays more or less the same. And it already becomes tiresome to listen to the vocalist. At least the music has some nerve and quality in it. The songs aren't build up that bad either, but they're no class act, yet.

The band finishes with "Suicide Solution" and in this one they even slow down a bit a more. It really springs to eye this time, seeing as it's the drummer who guides this sluggish tempo. It's certainly not the way I would have gone, because now they won't really stick to you, like they might have done if they 'd finished with one of the previous songs. The piano at the end makes for a nice touch, but it doesn't save the song. They certainly have potential, though, and we might hear from them yet.

6 / 10

Had Potential

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"Exterminatus" Track-listing:

1. God Of War
2. Chaos Undivided
3. Suicide Solution

Necrophor Lineup:

Henrik Eriksson - Vocals
Mikael Strandberg - Drums
Henrik Larsen - Guitars

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