IV: Malice


The specific album is a re-release of Necromantia's last studio album IV:Malice, it's the fourth […]
By Elina Papadoyianni
March 16, 2006
Necromantia - IV: Malice album cover

The specific album is a re-release of Necromantia's last studio album IV:Malice, it's the fourth in a row and issued in 2000 by Black Lotus Records.
The first idea of forming the band began back in 1989, where two bass players decided to innovate and create a sound very unusual and highly unlikely for a Black Metal band to dare using, by introducing the 8-string bass instead of rhythm guitars. Many musicians helped Necromantia throughout the years, but the core of the band has always been Magus (also known as Magus Wampyr Daoloth - bass and vocals) and Makis ( also known as Byron Blood - 8-string bass, bass solos), who have as well written all the music.
Like all the other re-releases, IV: Malice includes different artwork, has a digital re-mastered sound and also a bonus track. In this case the bonus track refers to a cover of Running Wild's Mordor, which, according to me, we could live without. The classic sound of Necromantia is there but rather simplified and less detailed. The production isn't the best you could get, although it still reminds us the good old sound of the band. Tracks like Circle Of Burned Doves and Murder, Magic And Tears keep some of the atmosphere of the past that in general the album lacks of.
IV:Malice is a mediocre album and cannot be compared to significant works such as Scarlet Evil Witching Black and Crossing The Fiery Path. For the fans of the kind it would be a good choice to acquire it. For the rest, I suggest you should pass...

6 / 10

Had Potential

"IV: Malice" Track-listing:

The Blair Witch Cult
Those Who Never Sleep
Disciples Of Sophia (The Templars)
Murder, Magic and Tears
Circle Of The Burned Doves
Mordor (Bonus Track)

Necromantia Lineup:

The Magus (Magus Wampyr Daoloth) - Bass & Vocals
Makis (Baron Blood) - 8-String Bass & Bass Solos

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