Ancient Pride


Ancient Pride is one of the 4 Necromantia albums that have been re-mastered after the […]
By Rana Karam
April 13, 2006
Necromantia - Ancient Pride album cover

Ancient Pride is one of the 4 Necromantia albums that have been re-mastered after the band's split up. This time 2 more tracks are added to this 4-track MCD, including a quite daring Iron Maiden cover! A quite rare choice for a Black Metal band, don't you think? However, Necromantia is one of the greatest bands ever to have risen from Greece.
The band was formed in November of 1989 by Magus Wampyr Daoloth and  Baron Blood. In their own words, their goal was to create utterly dark, evil and innovative music. Their first recorded album is called Black Arts Lead To Everlasting Sins in 1991, following a split LP with cult Greek Black Metal band Varathron. Soon, provocative talks about dark evilness and stuff were followed by the band's 12 reigning years of existence and 5 albums, leaving Necromantia to establish their own mark in this Black Metal scene where all is permitted and at the same time, prohibited. Now, Black Lotus Records licenced from Osmose Records (the band's previous record company) 3 albums (Crossing The Fiery Path - 1993, Scarlet Evil, Witching Black - 1995, Ancient Pride - 1997) and together with the album IV: Malice of 2000, they released them digitally re-mastered and with cover tracks as bonus material.
Ancient Pride differs, the tones are lowered and with the use of flute there seems to be a more folklore and somber disposition, but still, through a Black Metal manner. The songs Ancient Pride and The Shaman seem to send out an ultimatum to Black Metal fans, saying that Necromantia can and will be different, if they feel like it. The Manowar cover on Each Dawn I Die is great, I can't say the same thing for The Number Of The Beast though. Anyhow, Ancient Pride is a good release and if you're into the whole underground thing, I think you already got it.
At this point I want to take the stand through this review and say that we all should support the underground scene by all means. There are so many bands which are truly worthy, and without us music lovers they're going nowere. We should not forget that probably most of our favorite bands started from self-financed releases and played live in their local scenes...

7 / 10


"Ancient Pride" Track-listing:

The Shaman
Ancient Pride
For The Light Of My Darkness
Each Dawn I Die (Manowar cover)
The Number Of The Beast (Iron Maiden cover) **
Spiritforms Of The Psychomancer **

** Bonus Tracks

Necromantia Lineup:

Magus Wampyr Daoloth - Bass & Vocals
Baron Blood - 8-string Bass
Divad - Acoustic Guitars
Yiannis The Worshiper Of Pan - Flute & Percussions

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