If France was good at one thing more than anything in the music world, it […]
By Dory Khawand
January 22, 2016
Necroblaspheme - Belleville album cover

If France was good at one thing more than anything in the music world, it would be their Extreme Metal scene that just never seems to stop proving itself great. If I could describe the unrelenting devastation that "Belleville" by NECROBLASPHEME I'd have to concoct a formula involving the French TEMPLE OF BAAL and an upgrade in their style towards a more atmospheric and technical death metal approach. To skip the confusion, I'm basically saying this is a great Death Metal release that stands out in the French extreme metal scene.

NECROBLASPHEME switched in style from an old school death metal approach to a more atmospheric and experimental one, somewhat similar to SEPTIC FLESH, but more technical. Various influences exist here, and it is clear that this release is highly experimental due to the multitude of sounds that the listener will inevitably derive from the first listen. You might notice some Black Metal riffs and influences, and you might confuse the release for Technical Death Metal. Overall it's varied, and the atmospheric vibe of it serves it well in maintaining an emotional musical balance.

With the production being clean and well suited for this constructive style of extreme metal, I find that this release opens itself for a big audience. "Belleville" isn't something a death metal fan will enjoy, but on the other hand this is highly varied to the level that those in alternative musical scenes will benefit from a listen. I personally consider this a good gateway into extreme metal, and in a weird but relevant way this reminds me of what LITURGY did, but minus the hipster trash and with a more open audio portal. Standout tracks here are "Rampart" and "Le discours du bitumen" due to their perfect display of technicality.

This release is recommended for those desiring to enter the modern world of extreme metal, and those already well established in it. I found no reason whatsoever to discourage anyone from giving "Belleville" a listen and support the band. This release deserves a 9/10 without a doubt.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Belleville" Track-listing:

1. Rempart
2. Le discours du bitumen
3. How Did We Get There
4. Two trees (DeadWood)
5. Hyperspace
6. Waiting to Exhale
7. Freed
8. The Grande Boars Haunting
9. Gouffre
10. Such a Lot

Necroblaspheme Lineup:

Zoupa - Drums
Yann - Vocals
Lychar - Rhythm Guitar
Hugo - Lead Guitar
Xavier - Bass

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