Born In A Coffin

Neck Cemetery

From the lawless scripture of hellraising Heavy Metal emerges, NECK CEMETERY, a 2 year old […]
By Quinten Serna
November 27, 2020
Neck Cemetery - Born In A Coffin album cover

From the lawless scripture of hellraising Heavy Metal emerges, NECK CEMETERY, a 2 year old outfit from Germany who's just unveiled to the world their debut entitled, Born In A Coffin. The 8 track piece highlights some of the band's greatest strengths both in performance and writing, as well it epitomizes how incredible a well balanced mix can be.

The album commences with an instrumental, "L.F.I.R.S." which works naturally as an introduction to the band as a whole, showcasing the musical elements of the band's usual compositions  are setting up the soundscape for the track to follow, "King Of The Dead" which uses the same rhythm albeit a different progression. The song has an even paced rhythm with a slight variation during its final chorus marking the song as good introduction for the full inclusion of the band. "Castle Of Fear" is noticeably a much faster song having as well a more uplifting vocal melody; the manner by which the voice interweaves with the rhythm flow and chord progression is pleasant and engaging, though its strongest point is that this occurs directly before the chorus making the pre-chorus have about itself a kind of burgeoning tone. Whether it was written as campy or completely deadpan "Banging In The Grave" is a composition that just makes you want to headbang without relent. The longest track on the album, "Sisters Of Battle," is one of the more intricate pieces though stays to the motif of the song progression being modulations of the main riff; just past the halfway mark the song changes drastically complete with a solo and faster riff-the final chorus plays out as a sort of epic as both guitars play various modulations of the main riff in tandem with the vocal melody.

The fidelity and performance of the instruments within the album is quite extraordinary, wherein each player sits distinctly within their own niche as well merges together into a powerful Heavy Metal melding where each voice is heard and never oversaturated. The guitars are alarmingly well balanced considering they're dry panned to either channel yet each rhythm is played so seamlessly it becomes difficult to discern one from another, however each track is laden with so much divisi between both that the idea doesn't last long. The bass is front and center coming off as a torrent of lower end, the sheer intensity of the tone is lasting and intimidating. The drums as a whole are well balanced both between the body and cymbals and the kit and the band.

Born In A Coffin is a heavy hitting headbanging inducing LP, the attention to detail that went into recording and writing is apparent in each track and the collection as a whole only gives credence to the band's strength and resolve; this album is a perfect addition for anyone with a penchant towards Heavy Metal as a whole, or even the more macabre and campy types of Metal out there.

8 / 10









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"Born In A Coffin" Track-listing:

1. L.F.I.R.S
2. King Of The Dead
3. Castle Of Fear
4. The Fall Of A Realm
5. Banging In The Grave
6. Feed The Night
7. The Creed
8. Sisters Of Battle

Neck Cemetery Lineup:

Mad Matt Hauser - Bass
Lukáš Strunck - Drums
Boris Dräger - Guitars
Yorck Segatz - Guitars
Jens Peters - Vocals

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