From the band’s press release:  From their humble beginnings as LIQUID MOJO in 2017 […]
November 22, 2023


From the band’s press release:  From their humble beginnings as LIQUID MOJO in 2017 to their triumphant reemergence as NATTSVERMER in 2020, the Norwegian band has been steadily gaining momentum in the region. Now, they are ready to embark on their most ambitious journey yet with the release of their self-titled debut album on October 16, 2023, NATTSVERMER is promising a sonic adventure like no other. The forthcoming debut album takes listeners on an immersive experience, spanning eleven tracks that transcend traditional genre boundaries and seamlessly fuses elements of alternative metal, presenting a sonic tapestry that defies categorization. Each song on the album is a testament to the band’s diverse influences and showcases their ability to craft multifaceted compositions. Drawing inspiration from acclaimed bands like GODSMACK, ALTER BRIDGE and METALLICA, while honing their own distinctive sound. Their captivating performances have earned them a devoted following and garnered positive acclaim from enthusiastic audiences. Incorporating both aggressive, hard-hitting riffs and ethereal, melodic sequences, the band skillfully crafts a dynamic and engaging musical narrative. Their debut album weaves a captivating story that will leave listeners hooked from the very first note to the final crescendo. “We wanted this album to be a true reflection of our musical journey and individual growth as artists. Each song is a chapter, revealing a different facet of our collective vision.” The album’s diverse and enigmatic sound is a testament to the band’s artistic fearlessness, allowing them to break free from conventional genre constraints and create something wholly unique. Back to me, your impressed reviewer: That is a mouthful of eccentric and unorthodox musical styling we are all about to venture into, so let the games begin.


Well let’s forget the opening track “Skummring” as it sounds like a butt-dialed call with distant ramblings and distorted sounds, not sure why or how they decided to open up with this nonsense as we cautiously move on to “Devil’s Den” with brooding and harsh vocals over a chunky riff and mysterious tone that had my immediate attention but quickly lost it as the song just kind of laid there with a pedestrian tempo. Out of the gates “Controlled” blasts with solid, hardened riff paired with sinister, filthy vocals captivating the listening experience with a devouring appeal of decadence and temptation. Definitely an interesting start to the album as this appears not be to your typical run-of-the-mill headbanger or alternative composition. The bands claim that are diverse and multifaceted appears to be exposing itself so far, and I am all too happy to see if they can continue to deliver as advertised. They had a little momentum rolling with “Voice Inside”  but quickly and surprisingly lost all steam with “Polaris”  a song that might be categorized as a power ballad, but that might be pushing it because it’s a snail paced, lethargic mess that is unimaginative and stiff and they pair it with “Rash” with unnerving, annoying sounds that a three-year-old child could have produced when he throws a mini tantrum, these two tracks should have been left on the cutting room floor. I can’t wait to see where they take us next on “Lost in Life”. Whew! Back to hard rocking, raw riffs with a vigorous and assaulting backbeat feverously coupled with strong, enthusiastically engaging vocals. “Mistress Of Defeat” highlights just how good and meaty this band can be as they flirt with thrash and speed metal with bruising licks and battering vocals all pieced together with by far, the best guitar work giving an early METALLICA sound. The album ends strong with “Bad Knee” and the title track “Nattsvermer” both of which continue on with a cross between METALLICA and GODSMACK, which is good, but takes away from the band developing their own sound.


For a debut album of this nature, they did some really good but also did some really bad. I personally feel if NATTSVERMER would have stayed with their strengths, and they have many, this album could have and would have hit higher on my scale. First, there was no need for two “power ballads”, all they did were take us off the speedway onto a dirt road. There is a shit load of potential with this band musically and lyrically, they just need to corral and harness their own sound.


7 / 10









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"Nattsvermer" Track-listing:


1. Skummring

2. Devil’s Den
3. Controlled
4. Voice Inside
5. Polaris
6. Rash
7. Lost In Life
8. Mistress Of Defeat
9. Bad Knee
10. Breathe
11. Nattsvermer


Nattsvermer Lineup:


André Tornes – guitar, vocals

Kent Robin Kjaerstad - guitar

Runar Haukalid Jensen - drums

Amalie Traedal - bass


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