Name Means Nothing

Name Means Nothing

This is first release from the Italian deathcore band and it shows a wealth of […]
By Paul Carr
September 3, 2016
Name Means Nothing - Name Means Nothing album cover

This is first release from the Italian deathcore band and it shows a wealth of promise. 'In True' starts things off with a slamming riff and double kick drum blast. Manuel Scarabaggio bellows out the antagonised line 'get out of my head'. He genuinely sounds tortured. That feeling continues into the next track. "Disease of men" begins from a piercing scream from all members of the band. It then launches into life with a cavalcade of double kick drums and superb riff-age. Surprisingly, it is a genuinely catchy assault displaying a keen sense of melody. The vocals are what you would expect from a deathcore band. They stalk and menace at the front of the mix with often identifiable lyrics. "Unforgettable End" contains a superb, thrash riff. Recalling classic SLAYER before giving way to a more muted Grindcore sound. It is probably the strongest song on the album. It highlights all that is good about the band. Bucciol and Tinunin show their dexterity on the guitar with fluid takes on various types of metal. Scarabaggio growls away but with added melody. The dense rhythm section gives the band its foundation as it punishes and pummels.

The songs are economic. No fat. Echoes of a punk aesthetic to their approach. This is still very intricate death metal but one that aims at short sharp jabs to the gut. In that way they echo someone like SUICIDE SILENCE in their approach. Direct but often accessible. 'Closer Pictures of Reality' varies things a little with some interesting touches. The vocals are effectively double tracked and add light and shade to the song. The powerful building riff recalls the best parts of thrash metal. It has the intensity one would want but maintains that accessibility. They clearly have a keen ear for a catchy riff. Zotti's Drumming is a revelation. He constantly shifts tempos even in the relativity short space of these songs.

I really look forward to what they do next. If they expand their sound with some melody to compliment the sheer heaviness they are going to be something truly special. If you are a fan of the volatile but accessible work of bands like SUICIDE SILENCE, OBEY THE BRAVE or even LAMB OF GOD then give this EP a whirl.

8 / 10









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"Name Means Nothing" Track-listing:

1. In True
2. Disease of Men
3. Unforgettable End
4. Pictures of Reality

Name Means Nothing Lineup:

Manuel Scarabaggio - vocals
Matteo Bucciol - guitar
Samuel Tinunin - guitar
Luca Piras - bass
Marko Zotti -drums

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