NACHTVORST was formed in 2007 in The Netherlands. They released two full-length albums in 2009 […]
December 4, 2018
Nachtvorst - Verlies album cover

NACHTVORST was formed in 2007 in The Netherlands. They released two full-length albums in 2009 ("Stills") and 2012 ("Silence"). Now, they present their third, titled "Verlies," which contains three extensive tracks. Lyrically, the deal with darkness and depression, aptly for a Black Metal band. "Verlaten" opens the album; a twenty minute opus. Solemn guitar tones lead off the assault, followed by a desolate keyboard passage with ambient guitar notes. The vocals are scratchy, over top of the lumbering depression. You are wandering life alone, with no one and nothing to keep you company. Each day is like the last, a meaningless exercise where you do the same thing over and over. It becomes downright torturous, as heard in the middle sequence of the song. Once the vocals drop off, there is a chaotic ending, like the coming of the end days, as it slowly fades out.

"Verloren" is fifteen minutes in length. It opens with despondent piano tones and sad cello notes. The cold winds of despair blow over you, followed by a voice that try as you might, you cannot find. It calls out you gently. A riff comes in hard around the half-way mark, an open note bangs over and over. Deep, dark vocals also come into the fray, and that riff just crushes everything. It's extremely doomy in scope, offering little but stolen hope. The riff then fades away, and you are left with gloomy bass guitar before the main riff comes back and closes everything off. "Verlost" is the final just under fifteen minutes. Soft drumming and a few guitar notes lead off this bleak sound, with a melancholy twist. The pattern repeats over and over, like Chinese Water Torture...give it enough time and it will eventually claim you very soul. It slowly begins to pick up, then wanes again. About ¾ of the way through, screams come in very loudly, desolate utterances while the doomy riff hammers away. It ends in absolute chaos, before a fuzzy fade-out.

Overall, this was a very depressing affair, and the music did well to keep you that way the entire way through. The vocals are gut-wrenching, and the riffs dominating. They pummel you over and over, like a fight between two half-dead warriors who won't concede, continuing to slowly rise every minute or two and deliver another blow. Check to make sure that you still have your soul after listening to "Verlies;" for it could be cast in the abyss.

8 / 10









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"Verlies" Track-listing:

1. Verlaten
2. Verloren
3. Verlost

Nachtvorst Lineup:

Erghal - Lyrics & Vocals
Leopold - Composition & Instruments

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