N.M.A. comes to us from Zurich, Switzerland. Sprung on their own label, this tight power […]
June 5, 2019
N.M.A. - N.M.A. album cover

N.M.A. comes to us from Zurich, Switzerland. Sprung on their own label, this tight power trio has put together an ambitious nine-track debut of solid Thrash metal. While there is some mystery about what N.M.A. may stand for as a band name, there is no mystery about what they stand for as a metal outfit-heavy riffs, blistering bass, and unrelenting drums.
Greg's work on guitar is superb. He seems to be something of a riff-monster. The progressive builds for "Shining Bolt" and "Turn on the Light" are impressive and the solos are innovative. Greg has the ability to pull off seamless switches from leaden boot marches to melancholic wanderings without breaking a sweat. Denise is an extraordinary bassist. And, of course, Rob provides a solid backing of percussions to pace it out and hold it all together.

Where they fall short is their vocals. While Denise seems to do her best to offer a gritty front, she actually sounds best on numbers like "Tearminator" and the chorus of "Whatever," both of which emphasize what one would presume is her natural sound. For standout tracks I am going to go with two very different songs: "Innocent" and "Tearminator." Perhaps this is an indication of the range N.M.A. is capable of. First is "Innocent." This song reminds me of METAL CHURCH's "It's a Secret," maybe for nothing else but the fact that it's Thrash and instrumental. But there is also the matter that instrumentals give band members free rein to really explore their space.  Released from vocal duties, we get to hear Denise let loose on the bass; Greg ranges from acoustic to machine gun riffs; and I am pretty sure Rob expands his kit by at least two heads. Personally, I think all metal bands should lay down one at least one instrumental track on every album.

Second standout track is "Tearminator." Yes, you read that right-there is no typo, "Tear-minator." Despite its regrettable title, "Tearminator" is a richly textured piece. Denise's vocal styling is relaxed and authentic, Greg's work on keyboards sets an atmosphere distinct from the rest of the album, and Rob-well, Rob's workmanship on drums is as constant as the North Star. N.M.A. is a do-it-yourself band. From running their own label to producing their own video, "Whatever," they have the drive and wherewithal to do it all. Their debut offering is promising; I look forward to seeing more from them.

5 / 10









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"N.M.A." Track-listing:

1. This World
2. Shining Bolt
3. Turn on The Light
4. Shadow
5. Dark Creatures
6. Tearminator
7. Whatever
8. Innocent
9. Demons

N.M.A. Lineup:

Denise - Vocals and bass
Greg - Guitar and keyboards
Rob - Drums

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