Doom, Death, Darkness

Mystic Grave

Something evil was born in Finland, bringing an abysmal horrid smell that not even Lovecraftian […]
By Yiannis Doukas
June 23, 2008
Mystic Grave - Doom

Something evil was born in Finland, bringing an abysmal horrid smell that not even Lovecraftian nightmares can describe. MYSTIC GRAVE came together by the end of 2006 and - after consuming corpses - they decided to release their first five tracks within this rotten, self-released mini album, which was recorded during 2007 at RAAKK studios in Raahe, their birth town. Into the deadly and rotten sounds that are polluted by bands like AUTOPSY, they present us what their sick minds hide. By writing this USA cult band, I feel I gave you a perfect reason for checking them.
Let's take a closer look upon these five songs, and the first one is Hideous Deeds. A fast blast like the opening of old graves exposure waves of filth and a reek of rot and death surrounds you. It follows a riff between BOLT THROWER and SIX FEET UNDER and after it a bridge that remains close to OBITUARY of the two first albums. Stench and decay.
The second one, Pus Sucking Leeches, is also deadly cool. AUTOPSY and ABCSESS, a song that penetrates my ears and melt them with perfect vocals and a refrain that is a sick marriage of NECROPHAGIA and THE RAVENOUS, while the slow, doomish riff somewhere in the third minute is torturing out from Reifert's dreams. Swamp Terror Pt. 1 is death. Old-school terror. For a moment screams of stretched people, vomiting green bile so toxic that burn their bladder and plague creatures that throw you down to the bottom. I'm dying!!!
Then comes Seven Coffins. Eh, are we serious? Where were those guys hidden? Unholy thousands goat horns in the beginning, I swear it looks like MORTUARY DRAPE. There is something occult, like in the middle of a necromancer's black ceremony. The basic idea is killer. How the fuck they wrote this? The last one, Demented Killer, is also good; imagine HELLHAMMER and OBITUARY and - as it ends - I don't know, looks like they are slaughtering someone.
The cover of the release is nice, this oil color fits perfectly with the rotting feel, the production is also in high level, giving emphasis to their ideas, 'cause of its raw and unrefined character, providing the acoustic that is needed for their style. AUTOPSY's friends must listen to it. I keep aside my enthusiasm for a future full-length release but I they won a new fan. Rot in your grave.

7 / 10


"Doom, Death, Darkness" Track-listing:

Hideous Deeds
Pus Sucking Leeches
Swamp Terror Pt. 1
Seven Coffins
Demented Killer

Mystic Grave Lineup:

Gibletface - Strings, Repulsive Shrieks And Grunts
A.P. Pagan - Throat Abuse, Bassbashing
Ron Tomb - Skins, Vomit

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