My Uncle The Wolf

My Uncle The Wolf

When you see a simple, but nice artwork and the name Jimmy Bower on the […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
May 23, 2008
My Uncle The Wolf - My Uncle The Wolf album cover

When you see a simple, but nice artwork and the name Jimmy Bower on the back of the promo CD, you just know that you are going to have a hell of a nice time while listening to MY UNCLE THE WOLF. I have never hidden that I am a great fan of the groovy side of Metal and I had a long time to get a promo CD that belongs to the specific genre.

The US (what else could they be?) metallers/rockers (it depends on how you wanna call them) were formed pretty recently, in 2005. The next year they released their demo The Same As Fire, and here they are three years after their birth with their debut album through the German label Cargo Records. Oh, do not be confused with what I said in the start. This is not another band by Jimmy Bower.

In fact, Bower took care of the production and he did a really good job, and he also played the bass on My Uncle The Wolf, since the band was a trio when the album was being recorded. Interesting stuff, huh? That�s what I said when I read about it and I impatiently listened to the album.

Of course you will have already understood what is it that MY UNCLE THE WOLF play. Groovy Stoner music is what you get with the band's self titled debut album and I admit that these guys have done a pretty good job for a debut album. Equipped with a heavy as fuck sound and some kick ass riffing the US metallers deliver an all out attack full of whiskey soaked tunes and a rhythm section that sounds like a tank bringing down your house. The music is heavy enough to make you listen to the album again and again, but as it seems the band has a slight problem...

MY UNCLE THE WOLF show their love towards DOWN in the most obvious way possible. There are times that you think that this is an unreleased album of DOWN. The whole NOLA atmosphere is all around and the singer is trying to sound exactly like Anselmo at times (even though there is only one Anselmo in da house). I can justify the band since this is only their debut full-length work and they may not have found their music�s identity yet, but they are on a really good way to do it.

So, if you are looking for some good Stoner music and you have listened so many times to the new DOWN album that you have been sick of it (not that such a thing could happen) MY UNCLE THE WOLF are more than a good solution. Check them out and find out the reason why Jimmy Bower spent time on these guys.

7 / 10


"My Uncle The Wolf" Track-listing:

March Of The Hung
Double Barrel Blues
Least Amount Of Man
Shpd's Hwy
Isle Of Skye
The Same As Fire
A Sire'�s Chorus
The Cross
Ten: Forty Six
Lift The Storm

My Uncle The Wolf Lineup:

Noddy - Vocals
George V. - Guitar
Jeff - Bass
Joey Debbs - Drums
Guest Musicians:
Jimmy Bower - Bass

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