Peek Through the Pines

My Regime

MY REGIME, the former stoners turned thrashers, bring forth a bilious wave of quick-paced noise […]
By Kyle Scott
November 28, 2018
My Regime - Peek Through the Pines album cover

MY REGIME, the former stoners turned thrashers, bring forth a bilious wave of quick-paced noise that violently rushes from out your speakers in their latest full-length release, Through the Pines. MY REGIME is Stoner Metal that switched out their weed for coke out of curiosity. Heavy, sticky riffs are suddenly alive and beating against the strings like the bars of a cage. Cymbals and kick drums are enjoying new life with faster steps and guitars are glad to have some more limelight to the bass. Peek Through the Pines is an adventure through the heart of the dense jungles of Thrash Metal.

Title track "Peek Through the Pines" introduces sociopathic killers and wild riffs steamrolling over drums. Each track is laden with powder keg amounts of anger. Mastermind and vocalist of the band Christian "Spice" Siostrand says that MY REGIME was born out of a need to unload all that toxic anger and set it off without anyone getting hurt. In an interview with Metal Shock Finland, the year that MY REGIME's debut album was released, Spice claims the venting was necessary, "I feel the need to keep sane in a politically correct and insane society... I can't think of a better way to express it than through some good old fashioned Thrash songs...".

Tracks like "A New Moon", "Too Many Faces", and "You Will Never Understand" showcases an untapped, infected well of puss from what sounds like years of built up rage. There's no telling what kind of damage could've been done if it wasn't for music as a useful conduit. It's one more example of heavy metal is so integral to helping people get their shit together and leech out all the bad crud. MY REGIME is all that they set out to be, raw and untamed Thrash that sets fire to everything they touch.

8 / 10









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"Peek Through the Pines" Track-listing:

1. Peek Through the Pines
2. Too Many Faces
3. A New Moon
4. Underneath My Skin
5. You Will Never Understand
6. Black Rivers
7. Deceit
8. Unglue My Soul

My Regime Lineup:

Alexander Sekulovski - Bass
Bob Ruben - Drum
Marvin Kairenius - Lead Guitar
Christian "Spice" Sjostrand - Vocals, Guitar

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