My Early Mustang

My Early Mustang

My Early Mustang is something like the sequel of the German band Liquido (do you […]
By Thanos Raikos
November 10, 2004
My Early Mustang - My Early Mustang album cover

My Early Mustang is something like the sequel of the German band Liquido (do you remember the hit song Narcotic? they wrote it!!!) because Tim (singer) and Wolfgang of Liquido are the founders of My Early Mustang. But My Early Mustang soundly moves between Green Day and Bad Religion with a lot of melodies and a weird punk/pop feeling.
Their debut album, My Early Mustang, starts with a different way than all the albums usually start. It begins with a guy entering a car (probably a mustang) and you can hear him searching the radio for a song and then the second track, December, begins which warns us of what is going to follow. Catchy songs without something special to present, without inspiration, written in the nowadays feeling (you know what I mean!! hard guitars with a punk-ish style but like in all mainstream pop songs with a lot a lot of silly melodies)
The only thing that I consider to be good on this release is the artwork which shows a white mustang...

3 / 10


"My Early Mustang" Track-listing:

Over My Head
When You Sang
Miss You
Romeo's Burning
Driving Down
Constant Changes
How It Ends
Secret Letter To A Lost Friend Part 2
Goddamn (It's Looking Good)

My Early Mustang Lineup:

Tim - Vocals & Guitar
Wolfgang - Drums
Florian - Vocals, Guitar
Andy - Bass

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