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Who are these guys? The fact that they are from Regain Records is a good […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
July 4, 2007
Mustasch - Parasite! album cover

Who are these guys? The fact that they are from Regain Records is a good one. I hope they are going to be a pleasant surprise to me. Hmmm, it seems I have to search for some things about them. First of all, I wanted to see if I was right about what I was thinking. I was definitely right! What do these guys have to do with Regain, the label of VADER, SETHERIAL and MARDUK?

The reason why I said all of the above is that MUSTASCH is a Heavy Rock/Stoner band. The band was formed in 1998, in Gothenburg, Sweden. The strange thing about this band is that even though they have released only three full-length albums, they count one demo release, seven single CD's and two EP's. What the fuck? I also read somewhere that they have dominated the Swedish album charts with albums like Above All (2002) and Ratsafari (2003). I really don't know, since I haven't even heard of this band.

So, first of all I would like to inform you that Parasite! is an EP release. I read that it entered the Swedish charts at number 22! To tell you the truth I still haven't realized the reason. MUSTASCH is not a shitty band but it seems that either their music is nothing special or I am just getting more severe as time goes by. Their Heavy Rock/Stoner style that seems to be influenced by bands like MONSTER MAGNET, KYUSS, SPIRITUAL BEGGARS and many more, didn't manage to keep me interested throughout the approximately 28 minutes of this release. No, I didn't skip any tracks, but I wasn't paying 100% attention to the songs at times. It may be just because this genre seems unable to offer something fresh and new. I am a huge Stoner fan, but I just realize that the bands are running out of ideas, and this fact is more than obvious. Only a few Stoner/Sludge bands manage to create something that can attract the listener. A great example is BLACK LABEL SOCIETY. Anyway, the production is exactly what fits this music, heavy, raw and strong. As I have already said, this release is good, but not good enough to deserve more than some listening sessions.

I would say that it is a really nice release to accompany your beer drinking moments (or whiskey drinking). It is not the album that I would call a waste of money but it is definitely not the album I would consider a primary buying option.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Parasite!" Track-listing:

Nailed To Pain
My Disorder
Do Or Die
Kill The Light
The Dagger (Live)

Mustasch Lineup:

Ralf Gyllenhammar - Vocals, Guitar
Hannes Hansson - Guitar
Mats Johansson - Bass
Mats Hansson - Drums

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