Lowlife Highlights


MUSTASCH is one of these rare occasions when a label with only a specific kind […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
May 14, 2008
Mustasch - Lowlife Highlights album cover

MUSTASCH is one of these rare occasions when a label with only a specific kind of bands chooses to sign an act that has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of its roster. The Swedish label which features extreme Metal titans like BEHEMOTH, DISMEMBER, MARDUK and GRAVE includes a band you may have never heard of, a band that is more on the heavy, as well as groovy side of music.

I had the chance to review one EP (Parasite!) and the band's latest album Latest Version Of The Truth. This band never managed to amaze me, but I never said that they have shitty music. In fact, MUSTASCH have entered the Swedish charts many times and this is definitely not just a matter of pure luck. Their label, Regain Records decided that it was a good time after 10 years in the Metal/Rock scene for them to release a best of/compilation CD.

So Lowlife Highlights marks the band's 10th year anniversary and what a better gift to the fans? This compilations contains (probably) the best songs MUSTASCH released throughout their career. Since I am not really familiar to this band, I cannot say if this is a compilation that covers the best moments of the band, but since such a release has the specific role I will just trust the Swedish metallers. With really nice riffing and some cool melodies, this band managed to reach the position it holds now.

With obvious references to bands like SPIRITUAL BEGGARS, KYUSS and ORANGE GOBLIN, as well as some 70's Hard Rock influences, the Swedish Metal/Rock act delivers a compilation that is definitely the best way for someone who doesn't know them to get in touch with their music, as well as a really nice addition to a MUSTASCH fan's collection.


"Lowlife Highlights" Track-listing:

Unsafe At Any Speed
Down In Black
Accident Blackspot
The Deadringer
I Lied
Haunted By Myself
Black City
White Magic
The Wave
Monday Warrior
Into The Arena
Rat Safari
I Hunt Alone
Ocean Song

Mustasch Lineup:

Ralf Gyllenhammar - Vocals, Guitar
Hannes Hansson - Guitar
Mats Johansson - Bass
Mats Hansson - Drums, Percussion

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