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"Jamat-al-Maut" is MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS' debut EP, released on 23 March 2014. This is a two […]
By Te Hao Boon
June 26, 2015
Multinational Corporations - Jamat-al-Maut album cover

"Jamat-al-Maut" is MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS' debut EP, released on 23 March 2014. This is a two man band, consisting of Sheraz Ahmad (guitar, bass, drums) and Hassan Umer Amin (vocals). Important note: These guys are from Pakistan, a country filled with war and conflicts since 1948. This album is an essential voice for the Pakistanis, and it tackles various themes: patriotism, capitalism, and most importantly, terrorism in the title track.

One thing I admire straight away is how the singer alternates being speaking and growling effortlessly, and how his matter-of-fact way of saying words and phrases like "Desire" and "Forever a joke" made the songs of rebellion much more powerful. Also, the band is very aware on how to play with tempo, as shown in the track "Advertisement Overdose"- the repetition of riffs and fast blast beats and lyrics about advertisements shown on the TV. The message was apparent: all these ads are the same and we have grown numb being fed by them everywhere we go. The longest track in the album, "Penniless Pride", showcased Sheraz Ahmad's technicality and grooves as a musician. The track took its time, giving the audience space to take in the hollow vibe, representing the monotonous life capitalism creates, about how nature is being torn down in replacement of a concrete jungle. The same track also provides us with the catchiest interlude, with great mastering accompanying it. It is easily my favourite track in the album.

In general, the flow of the album is really good; one track segued into the other rather effortlessly. However, I chuckled a little from "L.P.C.". It felt a cheesy GG Allin/GUN 'N ROSES hybrid. It really didn't sit well with the rest of the tracks. I feel like the band needs to be clearer with their musical directions, to be more traditional Grindcore or to have a stronger Crust Punk edge.

At the end of the day, this is an important release. For an area so stricken by conflict and terrorism, we need to hear more voices telling their stories and woes.

7 / 10


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"Jamat-al-Maut" Track-listing:

1. Fuck Your Patriotism
2. Jamat-al-Maut
3. Stratum Slave
4. Advertisement Overdose
5. L.P.C.
6. White Collar Communism
7. Sallab
8. Penniless Pride
9. Ehsas-e-Jurm

Multinational Corporations Lineup:

Sheraz Ahmad - Guitar, Bass, Drums
Hassan Umer Amin - Vocals

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