Mud And Blood

MUD AND BLOOD is a Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band from Upplands Väsby, Sweden. […]
By Katarzyna Zakolska
January 27, 2014
Mud And Blood - Hippophonic album cover

MUD AND BLOOD is a Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band from Upplands Väsby, Sweden. Their debut album, "Hippophonic", was recently released. Within the lineup there are experienced musicians that once took part on several major acts back in the 80's.

The album's opener, "I See Right Through `Ya", expresses for the listener what is about to be heard in the coming 40 minutes running time. A presentation of true Hard Rock drifts, smeared with keyboards, inspiring mystery, and a charmingly clear voice. The track itself is AOR based, yet the singing style is rather soaring, channeling the immense Bluesy vibe of WHITESNAKE and DEEP PURPLE. The rhythm section of Jari Katila and Michael Lundholm raised the bar for this track. "Mother of Pearl" slides in as an energy bomb, toughened up riffery with keyboards that might signal of DREAM THEATER with rousing spiraling vocals. "Vicious" is a vigorous tune, melodically delivered, vocally harmonic with choir installation, Tapio Kariranta with his playing shows a similarity to JORN's music. Furthermore, within the guitaring, I could also notice influences of ZAKK WYLDE, especially in the grooves. Actually, this entire track is a blending of 80's & 90's Hard Rock. "Wize Man" is a reworked track of the band ELECTRIC SAVAGE, back from 1986, the main root for the formation of MUD AND BLOOD, shows various elements of progression, and developed fretwork, a closer call between Hard Rock and early Metal. "Synesthesia", a journey back to the present, is demonstrating heavy, melodic modern Metal, quite catchy. "Battlefield" surges as a fiercer example of WHITESNAKE entwined with BLACK SABBATH, yet with an mammoth barrage of keyboards that might resemble AYREON. Worth to listen are also: the sort of ballad "Campfire", catchy "Sound & Rhythm" and "Midnight Sun" retaining the band's AOR styling.

"Hippophonic" is just killer album. MUD AND BLOOD's envision of Rock and Metal is profound, attributing the classic gods while trying to find their niche. There have been plenty of bands out there trying to do the same, but it is widely known to be a tough task to overcome, yet these guys are of the few that did. I believe that every listening session with "Hippophonic" will provide the listener with a different perspective of what this band tried to observe. This is a Swedish product that shouldn't be denied, be sure to have a go at it.

10 / 10


"Hippophonic" Track-listing:

1. I See Right Through `Ya
2. Mother of Pearl
3. Battlefield
4. Synesthesia
5. Vicious
6. Midnight Sun
7. Sound & Rhythm
8. Wize Man
9. Campfire

Mud And Blood Lineup:

Conny Lind - Vocals
Christofer Hofgaard - Guitars
Michael Lundholm - Bass & Guitars
Tapio Kariranta - Keyboards
Jari Katila - Drums

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