Mourning Caress

Now this is what I call a surprise. Never having heard of this band before […]
By David Kaluza
May 27, 2002
Mourning Caress - Imbalance album cover

Now this is what I call a surprise. Never having heard of this band before I was more or less expecting a thirteen in a dozen death metal band without any significance whatsoever, so imagine my surprise when I found out that this actually is one of the best melodic death albums released in a long while !
Imbalance is the debut album from this young German outfit, following up two earlier ep's. Musically they manage to sound very reminiscent of bands like for example In Flames and Dark Tranquility but without sounding like a cheap rip-off of either of them, thanks to a diversity of own ideas & influences.
It's amazing just how everything on this album seems to fit perfectly in place, be it the truly excellent vocals, pounding drums, classy guitar work or the superb production. From the beginning to the end, every song is filled with beautifull melodies and leads, often switching between acoustic and electric guitars and with enough variety to keep you interested in listening (and eventually putting the album on repeat).
Picking out a favourite song is really quite hard with all the quality on offer here, but personally A Lifeless Time, Hope Dies At Last and Escape are the ones that got me going the most. Rest assured though that there's not a single weak track to be found on here.
Outstanding debut album from a band which we will without a doubt hear a lot from in the future ! Definitly worth checking out and buying.  

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Imbalance" Track-listing:

Creating A Hell
Follow The Rain
Lifeless Time
The Chain
Towards The Decline Of Existence
Dead Rose Romance
Feed My Dreams
Hope DIes At Last

Mourning Caress Lineup:

Gerrit Mohr - Vocals
Florian Erhart - Guitars
Benedikt Brjarnason - Guitars
Daniel Busche - Bass
Dominik Schlüter - Drums

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