MOUNTAINSCAPE are an instrumental Post-Metal trio, blending elements of Post-Rock, Black Metal, Doom, Sludge and […]
February 13, 2021
Mountainscape - Acceptance album cover

MOUNTAINSCAPE are an instrumental Post-Metal trio, blending elements of Post-Rock, Black Metal, Doom, Sludge and Ambient Metal in a Filmscore inspired way. "Acceptance" is their debut release, and contains eight tracks.

"Wilderness" opens the album. It's a nine-minute opening song, beginning with tense clean guitar notes and the steady thumping of bass guitar. In the background, there are some eerie tones. When the main riff drops, it crawls over you like a giant spider, freezing you in your tracks. The lead guitar notes dance above those thick bass notes, creating a darkness to fill the void. It segues into "Resurgence," which begins with a looser feeling in the guitars, bass and drums. There is a pleasing little melody line as well. But again, when the main riff hits, it is heavy and beastly. It fades out with this stalwart guitar melody.

"Supernova" is another easy listen at first, but also tense. The guys here to a good job with that balance between ambient and heavy. It begins a slow build of intensity and sonority. "Visions" is close to 11-minutes in length. Ethan Bishop is the real hero of the album...his audible bass notes tie everything together. A mesmerizing guitar passage comes complete with eerie lead notes. It slows to a grind towards the end...a good thing, as it was becoming a bit repetitive. "Acceptance" features some pleasing and positive opening notes. Melancholy and a bit sad, it allows the listener to breathe. Take it's quite beautiful. Even the distorted riff keeps the melody line alive.

"Lavawalker" opens with fuzzy bass guitar tones and some varied drumming techniques. The guitar tones slice through the song like a knife through warm butter. Eerie lead guitar notes combine with an ever-shifting riff, in a deep and dark track. "The Other Side" is a short, under five-minute track. It begins with a mysterious ambiance, and some bass and drum notes. It appears to be heading towards the stars, but takes some unexpected turns along the way. "Descent" closes the eleven-minute opus. It features some slower passages that are charming, combined with harsher passages at times. As we approach the mid-way mark, a darkness creeps in. It drags on for what seems like ages.

I enjoyed the album. They do indeed present an amalgam of styles here, but the guitar riffs do get a bit repetitive after a while. In the lengthier songs, they would do well to present just a little more diversity. I do however like the darkness which flows freely throughout the album as well as the sense of despondence you take away with you. If you are fan of some exploration with your Metal, give this your time.

7 / 10









"Acceptance" Track-listing:

1. Wilderness
2. Resurgence
3. Supernova
4. Visions
5. Acceptance
6. Lavawalker
7. The Other Side
8. Descent

Mountainscape Lineup:

Dan Scrivener - Guitars
Ethan Bishop - Bass
James Scrivener - Drums

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