Roads Uncharted

Mountain Eye

MOUNTAIN EYE is a metal band from Amsterdam, the Netherlands and founded by Tim and Omar who once played in […]
By Kimzi (Pixel Dreams)
February 26, 2019
Mountain Eye - Roads Uncharted album cover

MOUNTAIN EYE is a metal band from Amsterdam, the Netherlands and founded by Tim and Omar who once played in an alternative rock band. In 2017, the guitarist duo added Arthur and soon after, Kieft and Matthijs joined the band. Matthijs, a rock drummer, and Kieft, experienced in jazz and funk, rounded out this five-piece nu metal group. While touring the Netherlands and Belgium in 2018, MOUNTAIN EYEwon the "Battle of Hox" band battle and began recording their debut album, "Roads Uncharted", released on January 29, 2019.

MOUNTAINEYE's first track, "Misery", would not be categorized as Metal, but it is definitely gliding on a razor's edge between Hard Rock and Alternative Metal; Nu Metal. Vocals definitely make it known this band digs on LINKIN PARK, but it does cross into a harder feel as "Take Control"revs the engine and their sound goes more to a KORNand MUDVAYNEarena complete with harder riffs, hammering drums and impressive speed growling vocals.

"Diamonds On Your Tongue"is a radio-friendly Alternative Rock track that is catchy and short, but sweet. However,"Black Flood"is the first tune that I really get a glimmer of MOUNTAIN EYE's personal style. Bonus: I get to enjoy some noticeably banging bass lines. This is a great track.  Arthuris still singing in a Nu Metal style, but it is harder, more aggressive. The slam that occurs later in the track is worth the wait as I found myself head banging in the car, cranking up the volume and uttering, "this is more like it". "Verge"is slower, more melancholy, and definitely plays to the Rap-Metal fans.  Staying true to Nu Metal, the vocals dance between the 90's popular bi-polar style of Metal rapping into sing-song choruses.

Speaking of traditional sounds, "Singularity"is full of heavy guitar flows, thick bass and pumping drums. It screams 90's Alternative Metal and that is not a terrible thing if that is or was your preferred Metal genre. "Hidasher"is a one-minute, instrumental intro into the beautiful closing track, "Y(our) Masquerade". Not quite a ballad, but definitely darker. I really enjoyed the lyrics and emotional instrumentation on this track. I am not sure this needed to be broken into two tracks, but I do enjoy them both. MOUNTAIN EYEwill appeal to those that love Aggro Metal. I am not sure they have found their niche; the sound that will make them stand out in a once saturated genre, but this is a solid debut. I hope they keep pushing and challenging themselves. One drawback is the length of this release; I would love to get a bit more than thirty-one minutes. Also, on the next release, I hope they unleash the bass! I want more and I believe Kieftcan give it to us.<

8 / 10









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"Roads Uncharted" Track-listing:

1. Misery
2. Take Control
3. Diamonds On Your Tongue
4. Black Flood
5. Verge
6. Singularity
7. Hidasher
8. Y(our) Masquerade

Mountain Eye Lineup:

Arthur - Vocals
Omar - Guitar, Vocals
Tim - Guitar
Kieft - Bass, Vocals
Matthijs - Drums

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