The old mean dogs of motor metal are back! Lemmy and his gang got again […]
By Dimitris Antoniou
April 2, 2002
Motorhead - Hammered album cover

The old mean dogs of motor metal are back! Lemmy and his gang got again in the studio and released another album full of dirty, classic rock n' roll album that can only be played LOUD! That's what they always did, that's what they do now, that's what we want them to do in the future.
Hammered is a classic Motorhead album. Dirty guitars, dirty bass, pounding drums and Lemmy on the vocals. Those who know and love the band (like me) already know what to expect. It's motor metal ladies and gentlemen, simple as that. It's the kind of music that Motorhead give to us since the 70s - nothing has changed and that's the good thing. Once you put the CD on, you will smile and say oh yeah!
For the metal fans that don't have much connection with Motorhead and their music I'll try to give a more detailed account. It's plain, old fashioned, fast and angry rock n' roll metal. Don't expect fancy solos, peculiar rhythms or complex riffs. Don't expect a polished production, clean vocals or anything else the newer bands have got you used to. This is an album to drink Jack Daniels with. Preferably in shots.
Best moments in the CD are the songs Mine all Mine, Shut your Mouth (they will take you back to the old days of Overkill and Bomber) and Red Raw (killer!! Remember Burner? This is its twin brother!).
I will give it an 8.5. Some might say it's too much for an album that isn't really a big evolvement for the band. Well, it's Motorhead, they don't evolve, they play the same dirty music since 1977 and that's why we love them. LONG LIVE MOTORHEAD!

8 / 10


"Hammered" Track-listing:

Walk A Crooked Mile
Down The Line  
Brave New World  
Voices From The War  
Mine All Mine  
Shut Your Mouth
Kill The World  
Dr. Love
No Remorse
Red Raw
Serial Killer
The Game (Bonus Track)
Overnight Sensation (live - Bonus Track)

Motorhead Lineup:

Lemmy (vocals/bass)
Phil Campbell (guitar)
Mikkey Dee (drums)

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