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Coming In Clear


It came clear to me that something good has happened in the past two years. […]
July 4, 2013
Motorfinger - Coming In Clear album cover

It came clear to me that something good has happened in the past two years. Actually plenty of stuff came about, whether through the world of Metal / Rock music or the other world called reality. I will come back to the fun part, as some of us like to call it the music world. Getting to know the Norwegian squad called MOTORFINGER back in 2011 with their debut EP release of "Best Of", which didn't quite fit the criteria of a best release, as it was firstly a mini four tracked casing, and secondly, it wasn't that stellar to begin with, brought them to me once again and not for a drink. Halfway through 2013 and the SOUNDGARDEN, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, ALICE IN CHAINS and TOOL rejects, rise again with "Coming In Clear", after polishing their sound engineering process and material, for another round of crude, but last thing to be called filthy, Grunge / Hard Rock with a smite of Stoner emblems.

"Coming In Clear" assimilated my point of view regarding lately distributed Grunge, which after its astronomical success in the early to the midway point of the 90s, that appeared to be as if losing its taste and starting to smell bad with the shitty MTV buffoonery. As a matter of fact, MOTORFINGER, as it was clearly displayed within the boundaries of "Best Of" were able to reassert the pleasures of Grunge other than its sometimes monotonous figure, yet with "Coming In Clear", this is absolutely a level up. Though ripping off NEVERMORE with the intro to the third on the list, "My Secrets", with patching up the main riff of "Believe In Nothing", out of the "Dead Heart In A Dead World" album, I had a great time listening to their small token of honest Grunge. "Double Rainbow" and "Arms Of The Sun" bestowed eloquent modernized riffing, swell mid pace drumming just what the doctor ordered, catchy chorus filled with smooth grooves engraved with Maurice Adams's Chris Cornell's pedigree and occasionally a few melodic hints serving as scrumptious appetizers.

Admittedly, this is an easy pick, turn to the band and purchase this EP. Even Metalheads can approach this one with care and without fear; it won't turn you from Metal I can assure you. Check this one out. This is what I would like to call a slightly developed form of Grunge. 

8 / 10


"Coming In Clear" Track-listing:

1. Never Mine
2. Double Rainbow
3. My Secrets
4. Arms Of The Sun

Motorfinger Lineup:

Maurice Adams - Vocals
Tommy Fossli - Guitars
Morten Felumb - Bass
Jon Anders Lundh - Guitars
Jonas Dale - Drums

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