Standing Alone

Mother Misery

Oh damn, this is not my cup of tea at all. This kind of Emo, […]
By Erika Wallberg
February 15, 2011
Mother Misery - Standing Alone album cover

Oh damn, this is not my cup of tea at all. This kind of Emo, Rock, Pop styled music with catchy sing along chorus lines, open chords being beaten up in a most cleaned out manner don't move me at all. I cannot judge how well MOTHER MISERY stands among other bands in the same genre, first I don't know anything about what's supposed to be good and secondly (again) no matter how good it is, it still says nothing to me.

But to put the style to side "Standing Alone" do not sound bad in any way. John Hermansson has a really smooth voice with a good tone. Not as typical and recognizable as "Riff Raffe" (Ralf Gyllenhammar, MUSTASCH) or Glen Danzig but still that Elvis deep in a rock version. The title track, "Standing Alone" has a really easy chorus line which will most certainly appeal to "teen girls" with "see the angels", "standing alone" and "part of a broken home" lines to scream along to.
"This Is The Way I Am" which is a little heavier than the rest contains a really nice melody. The melancholy though would have suited the title track better. To me it feels a little like an excuse rather than a statement and the title which could have been a really good support rather a statement of you can't do anything about it. For me, if you can't feel it in the music it is really hard to believe it. And that goes for all types of Rock and Metal. Today anyone can create a good sounding album but it is very few granted to make music that speaks for itself.

For me it was those two tracks on MOTHER MISERY's record that stood out from the rest. The mere part of "Standing Alone" grinds on in the same pace and emotion. Of course, a record in this genre can't be too diverse but if all songs are molded in the same form it will be boring no matter the style of the music.

5 / 10


"Standing Alone" Track-listing:

1. Dirty Little Secrets
2. In Monochrome
3. Dying Heroes
4. Standing Alone
5. This Is What I Am
6. Fade Away
7. Inside The Hive
8. Eyes Of The Moth
9. To Hell
10. War Inside
11. State Of Grace

Mother Misery Lineup:

John Hermansson - Vocals, Guitars
Thomas Piehl - Guitars
Stiff Hell - Bass
Jimmy Lindgren - Drums

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