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Mos Generator

Usually when a live album is recorded, usually only one show is concentrated on, but […]
By MarcusTheRocker
April 5, 2015
Mos Generator - In Concert 2007-2014 album cover

Usually when a live album is recorded, usually only one show is concentrated on, but sometimes bands focus on multiple shows and cobble them together for a live release documenting various shows they have done at various venues over the course of a few years. This usually being done for live DVD's. The band featured in today's review however have made an entire live album, which is made up of recordings from a few shows spanning a total of seven years! Let us find out more shall we?

The band I speak of is US rockers MOS GENERATOR, and over the course of seven years and five different shows, a collection of live material was recorded and cobbled together for a live album entitled "In Concert: 2007-2014". Like it's name suggests, it features a selection of songs from various shows (five to be exact) spanning seven years. Usually live recordings tend to capture the magic of a band or artists music on a stage as well as the audience participation at that show. Having already attended a live album recording, and hearing back bits of it from time to time reminds me of the magic that was captured that night.So is it the same with this collection of recordings? Let us find out shall we?

Formed in 2000, in Portland, Oregon, this trio of musicians have so far released a large number of different recordings. Most of these are mainly studio albums along with a few EPs and vinyls to boot. Another live album, as well as the one in this review ,which shares a similar name, but is not to be confused with that one as both are different with one being recorded at one show and this one being recorded at five shows.

The production sound is quite tight for a live album, but it's good when bands do that. It's clear they want the magic of that night captured to the best of their ability. I have heard a couple this year which have some very tight mixing for live albums. The band seem to perform well together for a three piece band, but then maybe less is more as they say.

So far it's shaping up to be something good, but I'm not that big on the music played as the band's style or sound doesn't seem to sit with me. Their Facebook bio says they are hard rock but on another website when I looked at, but the style was listed as hard rock & stoner with the latter being the worry.  I have listened to stoner bands before and they are not really my cup of tea as I usually tend to find the melodies and the words a bit bland. I guess it's not too bad if it's played live, but if I'm not a big fan of the studio stuff then chances are I'm not going to be a fan of the live stuff which is the case here.

Bottom line, the production, sound and performance does sound very tight for a live album. MOS GENERATOR have seem to done a good job capturing the magic from a live show, which does give them some points. I'll take off some as I'm not really a fan of stoner music, so this one didn't really sit with me all that well, but I won't give it a super low score as the tight mix does earn it enough respect to get a reasonably high mark. If however you like music from the stoner rock genre that don't let this review put you off, as it's one to listen to if you like that style of music.

7 / 10


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"In Concert 2007-2014" Track-listing:

1. Lumbo Rock
2. Cosmic Arc
3. Lonely One Kenobi
4. Silver Olympus
5. On The Eve
6. Godhand Iommi
7. This Is The Gift Of Nature
8. Beyond The Whip
9. Step Up/Jam
10. Acapulco Gold
11. Breaker
12. Sleeping Your Way To The Middle/Jam
13. Dyin' Blues
14. Electric Mountain Majesty

Mos Generator Lineup:

Tony Reed - Vocals & Guitar
Sean Booth - Bass
Scotty Vandweller - Drums

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