Exploring New Horizons


Mortus is a band that seems to follow in a way the style of music […]
By Manolis Moundrianakis
April 2, 2002
Mortus - Exploring New Horizons album cover

Mortus is a band that seems to follow in a way the style of music Sentenced and Amorphis used to play some years ago. Of course many bands tend to have influences from older bands but not all of them end up with a good result. Mortus on the other hand manage to create a decent album by letting their influences wonder around their music freely.
As you might have guessed already Exploring New Horizons is a pessimistic album filled with feelings such as drops of melancholy and irony as were experienced in the band's everyday life. Despite their main influence mentioned above I must admit that they have some very well developed ideas of their own, a good example would be the use of modern guitar playing and sound effects which are not in common use in this style of music. Generally the band seems to have bonded pretty good if you consider the fact that they only have (with Exploring New Horizons) two long play albums and one MCD. Also in Exploring New Horizons we have an epic surprise! Yes you raid correctly you're not drunk (or if you prefer )stoned , an epic surprise entitled Valhalla a very pleasant Viking song (I mean what else could it be, right?).
Now as a whole...the band seems to have a lot of potentiality but misses something needed in order make them what we call unique. I honestly don't really know what that something is; I guess its up to them to find out. As for all of you readers, I think it worth's a shot you might find it even more interesting than I did.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Exploring New Horizons" Track-listing:

The Last Disease
Fallen Love
Take It Away

Mortus Lineup:

Thomson - Vocals
Jay - Vocals, Bass
Inch - Guitar
Crack - Drums
Dominik - Guitar

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