Nameless Here For Evermore

Mortis Mutilati

More than 20 years have passed since the human has discovered the rare enjoyment of […]
By Azmo Lozmodial
August 19, 2013
Mortis Mutilati - Nameless Here For Evermore album cover

More than 20 years have passed since the human has discovered the rare enjoyment of the second wave of Black Metal, and hundreds of thousands of musicians have tried to shape and manufacture this sound till today, and here is one of these guys is Macabre, the guy behind the good Black Metal band MORTIS MUTILATI.

France is holding this project since 2011, so it's so young and fruitful to release an epic Black Metal masterpiece, but here is the second full-length album Nameless Here for Evermore is giving us the impression that this group is improving insanely. After releasing two demos and a split album and a debut album, today MORTIS MUTILATI is continuing the dark career with a raw, cold, inhumane Black Metal release, for all the corpse-painted ears around the world, and for the lunatic fans who enjoy the sound of the early second wave of Black Metal, and for the fans of MAYHEM and DARKTHRONE. The agonized screams and the repetitive wintery riffs are the main features of this record, so the sound that Macabre is trying to create is something that will remind you of the albums "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" and "Under a Funeral Moon".

The main satisfaction that you will feel will be caused by the mid-tempo riffing style that thrives so hard within the raw mix to be as atmospheric as possible. The depressive black metal vocal style has given the total sound an absolute gloom and disgrace. Some tracks are written in English (such as "Nameless Here for Evermore" and "Way to End Your Useless Life"), and some tracks are written in French, such as ("Neige De Sang" and "Obsèques"), and using these two languages will increase the range of fans of course. The old school blackened artwork fits the music that has been written for this release perfectly, and I personally like this type of artworks because it gives more historical depth to the record.

There are many tracks to recommend in this record, such as the two parts of "Way to End Your Useless Life" and the track "Neige De Sang", both tracks represent the musical message of this record in a very anguished and tough way, as the looping blacky riffs revolve around the speakers, the insane vocals turn off the light and make the whole atmosphere dark to the bones. Maybe the modern fans of the melodic and symphonic music won't like this record, because this record is targeted toward the people who enjoy the original sound of the early 90s Black Metal, so if you consider yourself one of these guys, then you have to get your copy now and start sinking inside the haze of raging Black Metal scenario.

This project is very promising, and I am expecting more successful and a huge improvement in the next releases.

8 / 10


"Nameless Here For Evermore" Track-listing:

1. Intro
2. Nameless Here for Evermore
3. Neige de sang
4. Way to End Your Useless Life I
5. Way to End Your Useless Life II
6. Obsèques
7. Quoth the Raven, Nevermore
8. La lanterne des morts

Mortis Mutilati Lineup:

Macabre - All instruments, Vocals

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