Mortal Massacre (Reissue)


Today we dig out MORTICIAN, the brutal death/grind underground legends from Yonkers, New York. Active […]
By Dominik "Chelu" Cheliński
February 26, 2015
Mortician - Mortal Massacre (Reissue) album cover

Today we dig out MORTICIAN, the brutal death/grind underground legends from Yonkers, New York. Active since 1989, the band has released several albums. Today we take a look on "Mortal Massacre" DLP from 1993. It's a reissue of 7" vinyl EP from 1990 ("Brutally Mutilated") and 1991 ("Mortal Massacre") and includes live recordings. Together it's 1 hour long.

Intro is taken from "Night of The Living Dead" film from 1968. There are many references to classic films. MORTICIAN is really heavy influenced by this kind of stuff. Not only in many pasted film tracks, but also in lyrics, which oscillate near classic horror and gore. "Enter to the graveyard. Walk among the tombstones. Smell the putrid stench of rotting flesh, decayed bones".  "Mortal Massacre" is brutal, simple, rhythmic grind with extremely low guttural growl with added fast ear grinding parts. The whole production is old and raw, so expect the sough. Still pretty enjoyable stuff. But be careful! It causes the brain necrosis. Someone not used to this kind of stuff will understand.

The production of "Brutally Mutilated" is much more clean. Surprising is that sough and bass was reduced. I remind, it was recorded before the "Mortal Massacre". Production is more much approachable, but it's written in faster grind style.

Live tracks recording reminds the quality of the famous MAYHEM's "Live In Leipzig". Pretty nice bonus from the band. 14 tracks include the stuff from other albums and cover of NAPALM DEATH's "Scum". Quite a treat!

MORTICIAN's work is really influential. Many bands from the brutal underground scene links themselves with the band, cause of mixture of death and grind. Songs are short. Intense grinding is mixed with low guitars and extremely growling vocals and basic riffs. I'll leave this for the old school brutal maniacs and maybe modern brute death bands. I entitle the MORTICIAN as one of the pioneers of extreme brutal underground, so interested persons are welcome. This record today might be a bit rotten; isn't the decay a main theme? Whooh, such deep (stupid) question!<

7 / 10


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"Mortal Massacre (Reissue)" Track-listing:

1. Intro/Mortal Massacre
2. Drilling For Brains
3. Redrum/Outro
4. Intro/Mortician
5. Brutally Mutilated
6. Necrocannibal/Outro
7. Mortal Massacre (live)
8. Brutally Mutilated (live)
9. Necrocannibal (live)
10. Drilling for Brains (live)
11. Hacked Up for Barbecue (live)
12. Redrum (live)
13. Bloodcraving (live)
14. Cremated (live)
15. Mortician (live)
16. Brutaly Mutilated (another live)
17. Drilling for Brains (another live)
18. Bloodcarving (another live)
19. Scum (live Napalm Death cover)
20. Mortican (another live)

Mortician Lineup:

Will Rahmer - Bass, Vocals
Roger Beaujard - Guitars
Matt Sicher - Drums

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