Our final stop on this journey of MORTICIA's beck catalogue is "13 Nightmares". The artwork […]
By Will Travers
January 3, 2021
Morticia - D.O.A album cover

Our final stop on this journey of MORTICIA's beck catalogue is "13 Nightmares". The artwork continuing with the style of newspaper illustrations of old. However, there is no decolouration it just appears to be pasted onto old paper.

Opening the record is "Mausoleum Toccata And Fugue". Sweet and sultry guitar lines give way to a more driven and travelling riffage, pounding forwards through the track until the finale, something of a classical / Heavy Metal hybrid version of Tocatta... Strange, yet not unenjoyable. "Fatal Attraction" delivers some more powerful music, almost reminiscent of "Dr Feelgood".

"Darksider" comes in with some confusing and just, in my opinion, a bit of a congested structure. At times there just appeared to be slightly too much going on that it was hard to concentrate and enjoy the music. This discombobulation continues into "Chemical Cocktail" with the structure once again providing accents and exclamation points, so to speak, which continued to detract from the music to the point that I was not really enjoying it.

"Crimson Tears" delivers the ballad style track for the album, and I must say that everyone needs to listen to this track. So far it is the most complete track of the record. The guitar runs, the melody, the vocal line. It all just comes together and delivers a fantastically all rounded and amazing sound. The pace increases once again for "86 For Life" and we are back to some classic MORTICIA, hard hitting and driving riffs that catapault the track forwards, with just a smidge of some 'more cowbell' moments.

As we start the run down to the latter stages of the album, my attention is again beginning to wane. The music is solid, but for me it just becomes all a bit samey and it led to a bit of a boring experience. The record is good, the highlight coming from "Crimson Tears", quite possibly my favourite track from MORTICIA, and the beacon light of "13 Nightmares".

7 / 10









"D.O.A" Track-listing:

1. Mausoleum Toccata And Fugue
2. Fatal Attraction
3. The Black Carriage
4. Darksider
5. Chemical Cocktail
6. Crimson Tears
7. 86 For Life
8. Bela Luggosi's Dead
9. Lady Nightmare
10. Exposure To Sunlight
11. The Blood Club
12. Victims
13. Bloody Gore Baby

Morticia Lineup:

Matt Batchelor - Vocals / Drums
Jodie Tanaka - Vocals / Keyboards / Flute
Timm Farr - Bass
Timothy Kletti - Guitar / Vocals 

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