We are Human


Mortalus is a pretty decent band overall if you're into 80's metal. The intro track […]
By Brynn Kali StarDew
March 6, 2023
Mortalus - We are Human album cover

Mortalus is a pretty decent band overall if you're into 80's metal. The intro track Battle Born had some nice melodic guitar riffs, but nothing I've never heard before except for the lyrics about how women were equal which was nice considering most metal bands aren't actually understandable The album cover, I would expect to see on a techno album, but I can see why metal bands are trying to get a more versatile image in the year 2023. The next song The FIxx was pretty much the same way, I liked how they slowed way down around 2:50 that gave it some spice! Track three Fearless was kind of cool, it would have been cool to see some kind of video backing this up though, it seems like its about an epic warrior, but I don't really get the Epic Vibe, Still a solid track though....it's understandable though, maybe the epic warrior video just wasn't in the budget?

Track number four on the album Intended Victims was really well written and reminds me a lot of the current situation the world is in. The Track Dearest FriEnD surprised me because it's basically an intermission track, but it actually has some really pretty Spanish guitar melody played on it which I highly recommend! The sixth track on the album Blood Red Sunset dive right back into the metal with this ballad. I liked how when they did their growling in this song I could actually understand him. They get a lot of credit for that because it's frustrating when you can't understand singers in my opinion.

The self-titled track We Are Human was pretty cool, I just don't really see humanity rediscovering our humanity, we are pretty much doomed to exist in this cyberpunk world till we seek the sweet release of death... It's ok to dream still though. Like they say at 3:25 "We are human and we never stop the fight!"  I was honestly kind of happy to see this band do a cover of Kenny Loggins "Danger Zone" I kind of like the Kenny Loggins one better though not gonna lie. It's another song though I think if they want it to live up to its full potential they should really have some kind of video associated with it...if the budget isn't there use a fan made video!

8 / 10









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"We are Human" Track-listing:

1. Battle Born
2. The Fixx
3. Fearless
4. Intended victims
5. Dearest FriEND
6. Blood Red Sunset
7. We Are Human
8. Danger Zone (cover)

Mortalus Lineup:

Michelle Gann - Vocals and Guitar
Bryan Bedgood - Bass and Vocals
Patrick Mahoney - Drums and Percussion

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